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Discover London's Iconic Landmarks on an Electric Bike: Unforgettable Routes for Your Holiday Trip

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to spice up their holidays by taking their e-bikes out for a ride. An e-bike makes it easy to cover long distances and see many sights while still getting some exercise. It’s also eco-friendly!

If you’re in London, you’re lucky. With its vast array of world-famous attractions, diverse neighbourhoods, green spaces, and waterways, London is a fantastic city to discover on your e-bike. It offers unlimited possibilities for geared rear motor bike trips. Its cycle routes and greenways make it one of Europe’s most bike-friendly big cities. An e-bike opens up even more possibilities to customise your holiday, whether you prefer a relaxed pace or a more ambitious itinerary. 

Here are five unforgettable routes for your London e-bike trip. We’ll also introduce you to the high-performance Himiway Cruiser e-bike that will enhance your adventure.

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Unforgettable London's Routes on Long Range E-bike

There are great sights to see in London if you know where to go. Below are some unforgettable London routes to take your long-range e-bike riding on.

Route 1: Thames Path

First, consider the Thames Path. The Thames Path National Trail follows the River Thames for 185 miles from its source in the Cotswolds to the Thames Barrier in Woolwich, East London. This gives you almost 80 miles of cycling alongside one of the world’s most famous rivers. But that’s not the only great thing about this route. Other highlights include observing peaceful meadows, villages, and fantastic attractions like Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, etc.

Note that it’s still winter out there, so be prepared for the cold as you go out riding along the Thames Path. Dress in layers and bring wet weather gear, as winter can bring frost and rain. It is also important to go slowly and brake early on downhills or corners. Paths and slopes may be muddy, icy, or flooded in parts, requiring extra caution. Leave extra stopping distance between you and walkers.

Route 2: Regent's Canal

Another great route you certainly want to look at is the Regent’s Canal. It offers you 8.6 miles of off-road cycling across North London, linking Little Venice to the Limehouse Basin and River Thames in the East End. 

This early 19th-century canal has gone through many incarnations, once carrying heavy cargo and coal supplies across the city. Today, it appeals mostly to leisure traffic and has become a popular pedestrian and cycle route, offering lovely cafes, pubs, and restaurants along its shaded banks.

Notable highlights and points of interest along the canal include Regent’s Park, the beautiful Little Venice section, London Zoo, Camden Market, and Islington Tunnel. The canal winds through trendy neighbourhoods like King’s Cross, Shoreditch, and Mile End before concluding near Canary Wharf. 

Before setting out on this route, check narrow sections and low bridges on maps. You’ll encounter pedestrians and leisure boats, so keep your speed moderate. If you’d like to avoid the busiest times, plan to go riding on weekdays and check ahead for special events in the area that might limit access.

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Route 3: Richmond Park

Next up is Richmond Park, London’s largest royal park. The varied landscape of this park offers excellent e-bike routes ranging from 3 to 8 miles. 

You want to take your e-bike and cycle deep into historic woodland to spot wildlife like herds of red and fallow deer. You can go up scenic hills and stop at vista points to observe panoramas stretching as far as St Paul’s Cathedral. Some exciting landmarks to see include places like Pembroke Lodge, Isabella Plantation, and Pen Ponds. There are also many cafes for refreshments.

While most of the park is vehicle-free, be vigilant for cars near some entrances. Deer and other wildlife can also dart onto roads unexpectedly, so you must go at a moderate speed and keep your eyes on the road. Go slow on downhills and blind corners. And finally, note that weekends bring more visitor congestion, so weekdays are best for longer rides.

Route 4: The Olympic Park Loop

You can also take your leisurely e-bike ride through the vast Olympic Park in East London. It offers an 8-mile loop route perfect for a long range fat tire ebike excursion. The Olympic Park Loop is a wonderfully relaxing route, giving you wonderful Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park views. 

From the sightseeing platform, you can observe the 2012 Games Stadium, the Accelerator Orbital Tower, the London Aquatics Centre, and, in the distance, the Lee Valley VeloPark with its iconic Velodrome. There are towpaths along the Hertford Union. You’ll also get to visit Victoria Park, one of the oldest parks in London, on your ride before looping back to the beginning of the route. 

When planning this ride, give yourself at least half a day to take advantage of all there is to see and do. Don’t miss key attractions like the London Stadium rooftop viewing platform, ArcelorMittal Orbit observation tower, and various sports venues and arena tours.

Route 5: Greenwich and the Royal Parks

Finally, there are the Greenwich and Royal Parks. Greenwich offers a perfect starting point for a South London bike excursion. Located on the River Thames just east of the city centre, it boasts iconic attractions like the Cutty Sark ship, Old Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory sitting atop the Prime Meridian line. 

From Greenwich, you can connect to several of London's eight Royal Parks. Enter the Bushy Park loop to see Chestnut Avenue and cricket pitches, or continue to Richmond Park for hills and panoramas as described earlier. For garden lovers, don’t miss exploring Kew Gardens and its sprawling botanical collections.

Along the way, stop for a pub lunch in Greenwich or Richmond Center or a spot of tea in Kew Village to refuel. This route combines some of London’s most famous attractions with varied parks and villages.

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Discover London's Unforgettable Routes on the Himiway Cruiser

With all these fantastic routes and their unforgettable sights, you want to ensure you’re on the best possible ride! The Himiway Cruiser long range fat tire ebike is just the bike for you. It is perfect for touring London thanks to its long battery range, all-terrain fat tires, and comfortable frame design. Its powerful 250W geared rear motor can tackle hills with surprising ease, and it has a smooth 7-speed gear-shifting system that helps you adjust your ride to the conditions of the road.

With the Himiway Cruiser as your steed, you'll be fully equipped to discover London's iconic and offbeat attractions across dozens of miles of terrain at your own pace. 


There are fantastic sights to see in London! With the right ride, like the Himiway Cruiser, you can enjoy exploring amazing routes like the Thames Path, the Olympic Park Loop, Regent’s Canal, etc. Make sure you exploit the leisure of the period and plan to go riding on these routes before the holidays are over!