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All Terrain Electric Bike Routes in Wales This Winter

When it comes to riding your fat tire electric bike in winter, there are many factors to pay attention to. These include road conditions, all terrain electric bike performance, and body warmth. Considering that electrical bikes are considered motorised vehicles under some regulations, you should also check if you’re legally allowed to ride the electric moped on a certain track.

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While many bikers prefer to store their e-bikes in winter and wait for the next season, others take it as a challenge and prepare to enjoy the thrill of riding in winter. If you’re one of those daring spirits who like to take a fat tire electric bike ride in winter, we’ve compiled a list of the best routes to explore on your all terrain electric bike in Wales.

You Don’t Need to Stop Riding Your Electric Bike in the Winter

Thanks to the National Cycle Network, Wales has hundreds of miles of traffic-free and low-traffic routes where you can enjoy all terrain electric bike cycling without worrying about your safety. With the proper safe riding preparation and precautions , you do not need to stop riding your electric moped for hunting or taking advanture in the winter.

Safe Riding Preparation

Below are some of the safety precautions that you must take before going out on a biking track in Wales:

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

Make sure to wear safety gear and keep your body warm. Your jacket, gloves, boots, and trousers should be thick and insulated. Also, keep a water bottle with you always to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure to wear a helmet at all times to prevent any head injury. 

Be Visible

There might be decreased sunlight during the winter. Therefore, always make sure to be visible while riding your long range electrical bike. Wear bright colours and ensure your rear bike lights are working properly.

Make Sure to Carry Your ID and Phone

Most cycling tracks may be barren in winter due to the extreme cold. Also, it is possible that you might get lost with no one to help you. So make sure to carry your phone in case you need to call someone for help. If possible, avoid going on tracks alone and bring your friends and family along.

Keep E-Bike Tires at the Right Pressure

When riding your electrical bike, the tires determine a good and safe riding experience. Therefore, you should always make sure to keep your tires at the right pressure before starting your trip.

Himiway long range electric bike

Keep a Safe Distance Between Other Vehicles

In winter, the tracks might be covered with snow. This can cause you to slip while applying brakes and smash into the vehicle next to you. Therefore, always make sure to keep a safe distance between other vehicles while riding your fat tire electric bike.


If you’re uncomfortable riding a mountain e-bike, you can get a premium all terrain electric bike or a step-through electric bike like the Himiway Cruiser Step Thru for yourself.

Electric Bike Routes in Wales 

Wales is full of all terrain electric bike trails, offering a spectacular Welsh sightseeing experience. Luckily, these tracks are also open in winter. Once you’re done with safe riding preparation, you can start cycling on these tracks. Following are some of the best routes to explore on your electric moped in Wales.

National Cycle Network Route 5 (NCN 5)

The route of the National Cycle Network runs from Reading to Holyhead. You can enjoy 8 miles of the traffic-free pathway on this track. While cycling through this track, you can enjoy the beautiful British countryside and witness various historic towns and cities.

Port Talbot to Afan Forest Park, West Wales

You can find a 12 miles long tarmac route on your way to Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre from Port Talbot. This is one of the favourite tracks of mountain bikers due to the gorgeous forest views. You’ll find the Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre at the end of this track, where you can enjoy snacks, drinks, and panoramic views. Another attraction of this track is the Afan Valley Portrait Bench featuring three local icons.

Elan Valley Trail, Mid Wales

The Elan Valley Trail is considered ideal for off-road cycling and is usually free of traffic. It is an 18 miles long track made up of tarmac and gravel. You can find two downhill mountain biking tracks if you’re an intermediate or a more experienced moped style ebike rider. If you don’t have an electric bike, the visitor centre also allows you to rent a fat tire e bike.

Peregrine Path, Monmouth, South Wales

This path runs across the Welsh-English border along the River Wye. You can enjoy the views of castles at Skenfrith and Monmouth while cycling along this 10 to 16 miles tarmac track. Like other biking tracks in Wales, this path is also largely traffic-free.

Mawddach Trail – DolgellauPeregrine Path – Monmouth

Mawddach Trail is 19 miles long tarmac route where you can enjoy riding your moped style ebike while enjoying the views of Cader Idris foothills and the gorgeous Mawddach Estuary. This route starts from the historic Dolgellau and ends at Barmouth beach.

Lôn Eifion Cycleway, Caernarfon

Lôn Eifion Cycleway is a traffic-free, 24 miles long tarmac or gravel route that runs through North Wales. While cycling, you can enjoy the views of Snowdonia’s peaks. Also, you’ll find the stunning Welsh Highland Railway and Caernarfon Castle along your way.

Llandegla Forest

Llandegla Forest has a network of well-maintained step through electric bike tracks that are suitable for all levels of bikers. Some parts of the forest may be looser and muddy in winter. That’s why it is recommended that you use a fat tire electric bike on this track. Apart from that, this track is great fun for families all year round.

Clwydian Range

This range is home to the Coed Nercwys multi-user trail. It is an ideal place to enjoy e-bike riding away from busy roads safely. It comes with excellent views of the Clwydian Range and old industrial archaeology.

Choose the Right Electric Bike for You

Himiway offers various types of electric bikes, including long-range e-bikes, moped-style e-bikes, electric cargo bikes, and all terrain electric bikes. Seniors can cycle further and find cycling more interesting than they would on a regular bike. The following two electrical bikes are perfect for riding on the tracks of Wales.

Himiway Cruiser

Himiway Cruiser is a long range e bike. Regardless of whether you’re a new learner or a professional biker, you can enjoy riding this best fat tire electric biks this magic season with guaranteed safety and comfort. Considering the powerful battery, strong 6061 Aluminum frame, and the 26-inch fat tires installed in Himiway Cruiser, you can take it out in even the harshest and the most complex cycling conditions. The following are its specifications:

  • 1. Range: 35-60 miles
  • 2. Battery: 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG Battery
  • 3. Power:250W Geared Hub Motor (continuous)
  • 4. Weight Capacity: 350lb Payload Capacity
  • 5. Brakes: 180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • 6. Display: LCD display with USB charging
  • 7. Bike weight: 72 lbs

Himiway electric mountain bike

Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra is a premium all terrain electric bike with a power of 750W through its Geared Hub Motor and upgraded inner ring. This moped style ebike is an upgraded version of the Himiway Cruiser. To ensure unparalleled durability, the frame of this long range ebike is made of high-quality 6061 aluminium. The upgraded motor guarantees a longer life expectancy thanks to the high-temperature resistance and better heat dissipation due to the updated inner ring. The following are its main features:

  • 1. Range: 60-80 miles
  • 2. Battery: 48V 20Ah Samsung Battery. 
  • 3. Power:750W Hub-Drive Motors
  • 4. Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • 5. Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • 6. Display: LCD display with USB charging
  • 7. Bike weight: 79 lbs


Now that you know the best bike routes in Wales and the proper safety measures, you’re all set to take your electrical bike out for riding. You can learn more about how to take care of your all terrain electric bike this winter on Himiway.