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The bike also has quite a long range. With a 48 V and 17.5 Ah battery comprising 840 Wh, the 35-60 miles (55-96 km) range rating is actually realistic. At 20 mph (32 km/h) on throttle only, the lower end of that range window is absolutely achievable. And with moderate pedal assist, 60 miles (96 km) from an 840 Wh battery is also quite reasonable. Of course, if you modify the speed limit and ride at top speed all the time, don’t expect to get the same range.


The best part about the Himiway Cruiser is that you can ride it through all terrains, thanks to the 750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor, which helps in steep inclines, as well as declines. Moreover, the motor has a very silent operation. So you can ride through without making a lot of fuss. On top of that, the bike has a 7-speed gear shift system, that you can adjust according to the terrain you are riding in, and the speed levels that you desire.


The large-capacity Samsung battery and the Shimano seven-speed transmission are really impressive, and the outstanding safety performance and reliable two-year warranty demonstrate their customer first purpose.


From a comfort standpoint, the fat tire cruiser is an absolute dream to ride on, thanks to the cushion added by the voluminous fat tires, the suspension fork up front and the comfortable Velo saddle. For those unfamiliar with fat tire bikes, the additional air volume in the massive 26″ x 4″ tires means they have enough flex with their low 25 psi pressure to simply eat up most bumps in the road that would normally be putting a strain on the suspension fork.

Clean Technica

I was impressed with the hi-quality of the fit and finish of this bike, plus its stability and handling. It was easy to assemble and had no rough edges.


The Himiway Cruiser electric bike has a powerful hub motor with an output of 750 nominal watts and 80 Newton meters of torque. This motor is the perfect blend between sheer power and efficiency, offering the best of both worlds. It’s got more than enough pep to be used with the throttle only for more of a moped feel, or to be unleashed on steep hills.


It is easier than ever to find the perfect electric bicycle that makes cycling nearly effortless (should you choose) or innovative concepts like Himiway e-bikes that make cycling over less-traditional cycling terrains doable with technology that adapts.

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