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Zebra ST+Basket
Angie lush

Love it

Himiway Ebike Brake Pads
Great Quality

Better than local shop pads .

Us version controller

I’d love to write a review but I’m still waiting for it to arrive. Ordered on the 2nd April

Get one of these

I installed mine easy enough and it works great. Actually my bike is better of for another unexpected reason the brake lights now work as they should. The UK controller did something that stopped the brake lights from working. Himiway customer service has been suburb and since buying they have responded quickly with good outcomes.
I would also recommend getting an upgraded display with password protection for extra security. Then just ride sensibly and look after your bike, keep it clean, service it and don't over strain the electric's and I'm pretty sure you will have a nice reliable bike for many years.

Great Bike

I love this bike, great in every way. Himiway have done a great job

After-sale order
Nicholas Neal

I senor was delivered ok, I’m a bit annoyed that only having the bike for a week I was replacing the sensor myself and having to buy the tool to do it,

Battery Life

I bought this bike to do food deliveries, it’s very good and handles weight and speed very well, however the 80 miles advertised is a bit of a stretch. I’d say it’s good for just a little under that maybe 38 miles with reasonable hills, 45 miles on smooth trails. But very good bike and gets a lot of looks so be sure to get a heavy duty lock

Excellent product

The adjustable bike handle bar stem is extremely well made and robust
My only comment regarding installation is that I had to go to YouTube to find out what the supplied spacer rings are and how to install


Mirrors fitted and work well the bike needs them when on the road

After-sale order
David Griffiths
After sale order

Absolutely brilliant company to do business with very prompt and very patient. Can’t speak highly enough of them.

Himiway Electric Mountain Bike
Himiway Cobra forest

Great bike love the forest Camo. Only downfall the UK version 4.3 on Throttle. 250w Hub motor. UK ebike laws need to be investigated. Great bike though.

After-sale order
ionel lozneanu
Very happy !!

So happy with the bike which is amazing, but also very satisfied with the customer service experience, I will give 10 Stars ✨😊👍

A Great Ride

Before I bought a Himiway Zebra I did a concentrated research on the internet. What sold me the Himiway Zebra was the You Tubers give the Himiway brand fantastic support and advice.
The ordering and delivery process from Himiway UK was easy and effective.
All company promises honoured.
When I built the bike nearly all my expectations were satisfied.
I was disappointed to discover I had bought an old model 2022 with the old LCD display. This was not advised at the time of purchase.
The power, range and ride for a ebike are superb.
Himiway support works well for me. All my enquiries were answered in twenty four hours.
My rating for Himiway UK product and sevice is 10 out of 10.

Anyway you can set me up

Hi Himiway, is there anyway you can set me up with a used bike so I can work deliveroo and ubereats? Have been unemployed since August and looking for jobs but to no avail.
Will purchase the bike from you once I make up its value. Anything to help me get on my feet and have an income again.

Great bike

The Himiway Zebra is a great bike, from it's great range from it's massive batteries to the great price tag. Looks like I made the right decision to purchase from Himiway and would highly recommend anyone to do the same. Thanks guys.

Big dog+Basket

Big dog+Basket

Taming tge Big dog, its epic

So I ordered the big dog and with basket, the dog came within 3 days and the basket 3 days later. With easy assembly that took about 40 mins ,I had an issue with the manual ,it was in German, but a quick correspondence on email it was sent to me as a PDF which is perfect as I've always got it on me. The bike itself is excellent, very powerful and along with an excellent range,I'm 200lbs and have covered 52 miles with 1 bar left, this is pedaling on level3 for the majority of the time so 60-80 seems quite reasonable on a lower assist and a lighter rider,the lights are great and bikes tyres,seat and suspension really deliver a comfortable ride,its really well made and if you have any doubt don't, this is a quality machine.

Yatma Sall
No regret

The bike is fantastic, and the kids love it.

Important to give details

Fabulous bit of kit to unlock the throttle in EU/UK.
It is very important to note your bike serial number, motor serial number and if possible take a photo of the (undone) plug that goes to the motor, showing the end with the coloured ring. I would also suggest you send the model number of the lcd screen too.
There are currently 2 or 3 versions of the USA controllers and while they will all work in a limited fashion, you need the correct one for your individual bike to make everything work...if in doubt, email customer support prior to ordering.

Update to my previous review.

Thanks to wonderful and speedy support from Himiway Customer Services, my initial problem with assist levels has been resolved. The Cruiser is a beautiful work horse that can be personalised to your own requirements.
The bike may be restricted for the EU/UK markets, but the torque from the motor is amazing.

The new style colour screen looks pretty, but has very little functionality, lacking even the ability to do a factory reset. I hope Himiway stop shipping their amazing bikes with these screens, until they have improved the software functionality.

Zebra Step thru

The bike arrived safely, delayed a couple of days by the recent bad weather.
I assembled the bike on quite a chilly morning outside due to the size of the box.
Everything went well, I had a bit of confusion with the front disk brakes, I was expecting to see a red spacer to remove from the pads but the one I eventually saw it was black, however once I was certain about it I removed it easily.
I have only ridden about 20 miles so far due to the cold wet weather but I can honestly say I am really impressed with the build quality and performance.
I have not cycled for a few years and found the bike to be almost motor cycle size but I absolutely love it so far! The area where I live is fairly flat but the local hills I have ridden up have been very easy and exhilarating, so much freedom and lack of effort compared with normal cycling. I like having the ability to tweak the peddle assist to how I want it to perform. I have it set to 0-9 initially but there is plenty of scope to get it exactly how I want it to perform.
All in all I am very happy with first E-bike and pleased that Himiway have produced such a fine product and with a two year warranty.

Himiway Zebra

I haven’t had a proper ride yet as the weather is poor.
I did report my struggle to put the Zebra together because the instruction manual is in German !!??
Lots of help on the internet saved me.
I also struggle with the weight.
So I bought a folding ramp to help get up and down my door steps. I have to keep the bike inside.
I’m an old dodderer at 75 but should be okay.
The bike itself is a beauty. It’s so well made and looks great.
I’m looking forward to having a good session along the Greenway which is only a minute away.
Cheers 👋

Himiway Digital Membership Card

Great ebike

After watching many reviews of the Himiway Cruiser on YouTube I decided to take the plunge, and I'm glad I did.
At first the bike was a little difficult to get used to, the power/ torque is amazing!
The tyres are great and the range is good too!
Last but not least, the bike looks great, I really like the styling and the twist throttle is very useful when pulling away, especially on hills.
It's rated to 4mph but that's plenty to get you off the line.
The seat and big tyres makes for a very comfortable ride.

5 stars from me, I'm extremely happy with my purchase! Btw, I'm 6" 2 inches tall


nearly 4 weeks to deliver my bike but now that i have it i love it i use it every day to go to and from my work and for pleasure on my days off .so many comments on it from people its amazing lol .thanks again .....ray