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hemiway step through criuser

I purchased my cruiser after seeing my son's, the quality and finish are superb and much better than you would normally expect in this price range, customer support has been superb, quick, friendly and professional, having had a minor query with the LCD controller I was quickly reassured as to its suitability, was offered an alternative, which turns out not to be necessary and was compensated for my trouble, you cant say fairer than that, this standard of service is rare and I find it most refreshing, I would recommend hemiway for their high quality products and outstanding customer services.
Keep up the good work

Step thru - - more of a step over.

This bike is excellent. It has enabled me to get out and about on a bicycle since a serious accident in 2009 prevented me from using a conventional bike. Not being able to swing my leg over a bike, I thought a step thru model would be ideal. Sadly the step thru height is 24 inches - making it more of a step over, than a step thru. Maybe, with hind sight, the Big Dog model may have been better - but with no British dealers actually stocking Himiway bikes, there was no way I could have tried one first. Despite that, I've found the Himiway a great bike to ride. It copes well with the hills around here - I live down by a river, so every road leading away is uphill. OK - so I've only had the bike a few weeks, but so far, so good.

Well packaged & Speedy Delivery

From order to delivery it took around 9 days. The bike was very well packaged and protected from potential damage.
It came with a comprehensive instruction manual and it was very easy to assemble the bike using just the bike tool that was provided.
I’ve been out a couple of times and have found the Himiway Zebra to be everything I thought it would be.
Very happy

Cruiser step thru

My wife’s first e-bike , she had a knee replacement a few years ago and was struggling to keep up with the kids on bike rides , inclines we’re becoming a problem , but not now , she breezes up hills with ease and it has definitely put the fun back into riding a bike !

Himiway cruiser

It’s a good bike overall but main problem after 2 weeks of buying this bike brakes doesn’t work properly they hardly stop the bike I pay 1500£ and just in 2 weeks brake gone wth bike is good but brakes so shit

Car Replacement

Due to illness I have had to give up driving for three to six months
After a bit of thought and looking at reviews I decided to purchase a Cruiser. Delivered In three working days and the packaging was superb. I’ve used the bike for about two weeks and done 120 miles backwards and forwards to work
I’m 65 I’ve not cycled for over 40 years . I’m bloody impressed. The quality and finish is superb it’s fast enough flat out to move very well in town traffic . My commute to work is not killing me , in fact I’ve lost weight and am feeling fitter . A good purchase , might get a paper round when I retire next year. Brilliant Engineering


Hi there ,
I want to buy the Himmiway cruiser controller , but I'm not sure if is the same for the Himmiway city pedelec. Can you let me know if is good for my bicycle this controller?
Kind regards

very cool bike, no issues

After-sale order
Simon Lynch
Replacement gear hanger

Bike arrived and indexing on gears was out and could not set it as the hanger had been bent during transport but contacted support and they were excellent and sent the replacement straight out and it arrived fast

Himiway Cruiser

Brilliant bike I just cant fault it a good all round bike A1

After-sale order
Yvonne Kirkham
Customer service exellent

Customer service excellent. Delivery not so good. Long delays waiting on receipt of goods and constant chasing up.

Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike

Rear rack bag

First class bag .a bit pricey but well made .

Himiway Zebra

Easy assembly, bike is VERY heavy though, but feels nimble and fast when riding. My only criticism, is with the UK/EU laws, which dictate a max of 3.5mph on hand throttle. With such a heavy bike, you need to plan your junctions, as the hand throttle is next to pointless, and the motor takes a while to respond, during which time you're left struggling to get the bike moving, esp uphill. Not the bike's fault though. On the move, the bike is great; nimble feeling, but the heavy weight and fat tyres make for a stable, secure ride, even downhill in excess of 25mph.
Handlebars are a little low for me, but you can buy an extended riser and adjustable stem to put the bars where you want. Range seems good so far, but terrain, speed, amount of assist and size of rider will all have a profound effect. All in all, excellent ebike for the money.

After-sale order
Michael Buxton
Replacement sensor

I had an issue with the pedal assist sensor (PAS) on my new Cruiser - it was occaisionally cutting out. I contacted Himiway and after diagnosing the issue they sent a free replacement under the guarantee. Prompt and helpful throughout. Excellent customer service.

Sarfraz Ahmad

My short experience with himiway bike is fantastic, I wanna shre it with all those who will see my review.

Himiway cruiser front mounted basket/rack

Great quality. Just remember to put the wiring of you bike down the space provided!

After-sale order
Charles Brown
Multi Language Instruction Booklet

when my Cruiser arrived it came with the German instruction manual, I got in touch with Himiway and they had one sent out and it arrived within a week, so can't fault them on this one. I just hope that all my dealings with after sales are as simple.

Great bike

Absolutely loving my new bike, just need a front basket to complete the look

Great fun

I'm really enjoying going out every day on my Zebra. It's a been years since I've felt able to go out on a bicycle, and having something sturdy, yet nimble (when the motor engages) is great. It's fun to ride and the battery range lets me tour bike routes in my area with no worries. As my first ebike purchase I'm satisfied I made the right choice.

Eye Opener

This bike is awesome and has opened up a wealth of cycling opportunities I wouldn’t have dreamed of tackling in a conventional bike. Great value and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering it.

Great bag that i use nearly everyday. There is 1 issue though.

I like the bags and think they are great. The only place where they fail is that there are no Zips to close the bags with. I live in the UK and it rains a lot. Rain and water can get in them which i found out the hard way. In sunny weather though, they are like i said. Great.

After-sale order
Paul G Beddow

After-sale order

Amazing quality

I LOVE my new bike it's a solid heavy bike but I'm a heavy dude and it still helps me along with a good amount of pep unfortunately, the throttle only pulls you along for a couple of seconds so it helps from a hill or standing start but you have two pedal for the assistance to kick in on on all the reviews It never explained the throttle properly but this does make it UK legal regardless. My absolutely love my new bike. Solid and strong grate brakes and reasonably easy to put together whether I will recommend getting a friend to help. 5 STARS

Replacement charger

I was sent the wrong charger out with my bike. However as soon as contacted Himiway they sent me a new one out straight away no argument or questions asked. Customer service was top notch as always. Few days after I received the new charger which works perfectly and looks like a quality piece of kit.
Very pleased.