Electric Cargo Bike

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  • JCB
  • 400 lb.

    Payload Capacity

  • Hydraulic


  • Extended

    Rear Rack

  • 960 Wh

    Samsung/LG Battery

  • 80 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 1 The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.

  • 20+ Mph

    Top Speed 2 Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.

  • 250 W

    Geared Hub Motor

  • 7-Speed

    Shimano Derailleur

  • 1 - The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.
  • 2 - Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.

Your fully loaded sidekick

Zoom in on New Features

All these upgraded components are designed to give a comfortable, smooth and safe riding experience on city roads.

20"X4" Kenda Fat Tires

20"X4" Kenda Fat Tires

The Kenda fat tires provide upgraded grip and superior shock absorption ability. Even in the most challenging terrain and weather conditions, these tires guarantee your safety, offering you an easy and smooth riding experience.

Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System

Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System

The Shimano 7 speed gear shift system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. Along with the pedal-assist system, you can find the speed that suits your journey. Using this system accurately can increase the range of a single charge by up to 15%.

Selle Royal Saddle

Selle Royal Saddle

The Selle Royal Saddle features a comfortable design specially made for pressure relief.

Selle Royal Saddle

Selle Royal Saddle

The Selle Royal Saddle features a comfortable and ergonomic design specially made for pressure relief. Enjoy healthy & happy long-distance riding!

180MM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

180MM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Both the front and rear 180mm Hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power even in the harshest conditions.

Double-Leg kickstand

Double-Leg kickstand

The double-leg kickstand offers increased balance when your bike is parked, allowing for more weight to rest on your bicycle without it tipping it over. Moreover, the double-leg design will be more efficient when repairing or replacing components.

Half Twist Throttle

Half Twist Throttle

The Half-twist throttle helps prevent accidental activation, protecting you from inadvertent injuries.

Front Fork:Coil Suspension

Front Fork:Coil Suspension

The durable Himiway suspension fork has preloaded adjustments for the spring’s stiffness and a lock-out lever. With 80mm of available compression, it will be the perfect fit for your chosen terrain.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Anthony Saggers
Fantastic Bike

Received my Himiway Big Dog bike and all I can say is it's fantastic. I had a Raleigh Array E-Bike before this and the difference is night and day it has so much more power I'm a big lad and I just cycled 15miles over mixed ground and the battery didn't drop a single bar it looks the business too. the only thing they need to look at is the chain hits the kickstand on rough ground and from seeing other reviews it's a common problem other than that it's an amazing bike and I'd encourage anyone to buy one.

Mike Mckeon
Damaged and rusted upon delivery. Himiway does not appear interested in helping.

Upon delivery of my Big Dog (images to back this up below):

- The package was damaged and taped over
- The front brake disk is bent
- The front axle is missing a washer
- The front fork tube is rusted
- Scratching on the seat post and handlebars
- Cover for the battery port does not close properly
- Cables wrapped so tightly they're pulling on components

You can only contact Himiway via email, so the process of communicating with them is very slow.

They have agreed to send a replacement front brake disk, I have not received this yet but they have stated one will be sent to me.

As for the other issues, their response is, quoted directly from their email: "The seat post and tube do not affect the use, but will have slight rust over time."

They go on to offer a £70 coupon. I appreciate the offer of a coupon, but at the end of the day, a coupon is a gimmick as it can only be used to purchase more products from their store, and doesn't in any way address the scratches and rust on the product they sent me.

Note to Himiway: Trustpilot reviews state that negative website reviews are getting removed from the Himiway website, to make it appear as though customers are all giving 5 stars. I cannot confirm if this is true, but if this is removed from the website, I'll post the same review on Trustpilot and will report the company to the advertising standards authority for misleading reviews and misleading advertising.

Taming tge Big dog, its epic

So I ordered the big dog and with basket, the dog came within 3 days and the basket 3 days later. With easy assembly that took about 40 mins ,I had an issue with the manual ,it was in German, but a quick correspondence on email it was sent to me as a PDF which is perfect as I've always got it on me. The bike itself is excellent, very powerful and along with an excellent range,I'm 200lbs and have covered 52 miles with 1 bar left, this is pedaling on level3 for the majority of the time so 60-80 seems quite reasonable on a lower assist and a lighter rider,the lights are great and bikes tyres,seat and suspension really deliver a comfortable ride,its really well made and if you have any doubt don't, this is a quality machine.

Helio Rica
Adjusting the beast

This bike it’s a beautiful beast, it’s not in vain that is named Big Dog, yes you need to be careful handling that bike as you do with a real big dog, the power release is very strong after a small delay the monster will kick, good news is that you can domesticated this animal in the control settings, overall I love this bike.

Mark Cockerill
Big Dog Review

The bike is awesome and attracts attention where ever I go. I am now 64 and my mountain bike pedalling days are over for me now, the power assistance on the Big Dog is huge and rekindled my love for the outdoors, just need better weather. The bike can go anywhere even off road and is incredibly stable. Stopping power on such a heavy bike is great thanks to the hydraulic brakes and you'll need it if you tinker with the settings and unleash all the power.

Tobias Beyer
A great e-bike

I am also a proud owner of a Big Dog Bike.
It arrived well packaged. All parts are intact except for a small paint scratch here and there. The assembly was effortless with the right tools. The conversion with the longer luggage rack was also no problem. The cable is long enough, you just have to pull it out of the housing a little more and reattach it. There was only a bit of tinkering to do with the front light with the basket, as the original holder is unfavorable for the basket.
After about 100km of test driving, my conclusion is very positive. The 7 gears work perfectly. The 250w e drive does a lot with 86nm and comes across well. The original settings are completely sufficient. The battery performance promises what it delivers. The bicycle chain tends to hit and rub on the frame. I got a piece of EPDM tape and attached it to the trestle stand. Now there is a buffer between.
A dampened seat post would be really great. I bought one because you can ride the bike with different tire pressures. With full tires you notice potholes and bumps. After a long search I found a suitable basket for the back. The basket also eliminated the problems of attaching luggage rack bags. I can also recommend it to every hobby angler e???
I wish you all a lot of fun with your bike.


There has been snow on the ground most of the time since my Big Dog arrived so I have only gone on two short rides. I throughly enjoyed the rides and was very comfortable with the suspension seat post and cushion seat.

David Halletz
Great bike with small defects

The bike gives me significant advantages in terms of my mobility. I actually "only" bought it for shopping and visiting my parents, with the assumption that it could also encourage me to go on short tours and walks. In fact, it now often replaces the car for short journeys and even going for a walk is a lot of fun!
The assembly was very easy and was almost complete with the tools provided. The range has impressed me so far, I hope it stays that way.
However, there are small defects: The saddle was slightly bent upon delivery, which I was able to correct with muscle strength. In addition, the brakes have to be tightened from time to time, but you can use the tool provided for this. In addition, the chain hits the center stand annoyingly when driving over bumps, creating a ringing noise. However, I was also able to solve this easily with a neoprene chain guard.
All in all, a great bike that stands out thanks to the tires and the moped style and can easily handle rides through forests and off-road terrain!

Samuel Lucy

This is my first electric bike and I am totally impressed. I have a sore knee and so sometimes I need my bike to do some of the work when that leg gets tired. This bike is fast, fun and easy to unpack and get on the road with.

Sylvia zum Beck
The bike is great!

The bike exceeded my expectations. Setting it up was no problem even without knowledge of English.
The only negative thing is the lamp holder at the front, since I also use the front bike basket from Himiwaybike, it is mounted too high, otherwise the basket hits the lamp and bends the front mudguard.
The performance is very good. It is the link between bicycle and moped.


I have other questions.

What advantage does Big Dog’s center kickstand have?

Which class of e-bike does the Himiway Big Dog belong to?Big Dog belong to?

What is an integrated battery?

Why do the moped frame and fat tires produce a better riding experience?

What is the difference between the Big Dog and Escape models?

How quickly can it be assembled?

Why was it named Big Dog?