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Off-Road Hunting Made Easy: How Fat Tire eBikes Can Level Up Your Hunting Game

If there’s one thing we humans have in common with wild cats in the jungle, it’s that we are both hunters. Hunting runs in our blood just as it does in wild cats. The earliest humans were called hunter-gatherers because that was how they got their food. Though most of us don’t exactly go out to hunt anymore, the thrill of the hunt has captivated humankind since the beginning of time. 

Fat-tire e-bikes have emerged as game-changers that take the hunting experience to the next level. They are built to be rugged and quiet, with extended range and unparalleled mobility. With these features, they can venture deeper into the wilderness, cover more ground efficiently, and give you access to remote hunting hotspots. Let’s talk more about this below.

Himiway fat tire electric bike uk

Enhancing Your Hunting Game with Fat Tire E-bikes

If you plan to go hunting soon, you must get one of our fantastic fat tire e-bikes. Our fat tire e-bikes are specially designed for off-road riding, with oversized tires that provide exceptional traction and floatation over rough and uneven terrain. This makes them ideal for hunters navigating remote forests, mountains, deserts, and wetlands while pursuing their game. Let’s explore some of the benefits of hunting with our fat tire e-bikes below.

Improved Mobility and Access

One of the most important benefits of heading to the woods with fat-tire e-bikes, like the Himiway Cruiser or the Himmiway Zebra, is that you can go anywhere on them! The sturdy tires increase stability, manoeuvrability, and ground clearance compared to regular bikes, so you can tackle muddy trails and cross streams, climb steep hills, and tackle rocky, technical singletrack where few vehicles can go. This allows you to penetrate deep into backcountry areas and access great hunting grounds that otherwise would be difficult to reach. And with the pedal assist and throttle, covering long distances is much less physically demanding.

Stealth and Silence

Any hunter worth his salt knows that stealth is key when hunting. After all, you don’t want to spook the prey and have it take a mad dash from you long before you can fire your shot! That’s why fat tire e-bikes are great to go hunting with. They run quietly without the sound of an internal combustion engine that can alert wildlife. This allows hunters to stealthily approach the game for a better chance of getting within shooting or bow range undetected. The quiet operation provides a particular advantage for bowhunting or stalking hunts that require precision and stealth.

Carrying Capacity and Gear Transport

One thing about fat tire e-bikes is that they are designed for heavy carriage. For example, the Himiway Cruiser and Zebra have a payload capacity of 350 and 400 pounds, respectively. This means they are great for carrying hunting gear and supplies, including weapons, ammunition, game bags, camping equipment, food, etc. They also have convenient attachment options for equipment. The large frame triangle and accessory mounts offer ample carrying options, while the electric assist negates much of the extra weight. This liberates you from the physical burden of hauling heavy loads over long distances.

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Extended Hunting Range

With a fat tire e-bike, you don’t have to worry about being stranded in the woods. They are equipped with high-capacity batteries that can deliver 60+ miles of range per charge. Our Himiway Cruiser, for instance, comes with a 48V 17.5Ah lithium battery, while the Zebra comes with a 48V 20Ah lithium battery. That means they can carry you between 60 to 80 miles on a single charge. This allows you to explore wider hunting grounds and spend more time in the field pursuing game instead of worrying about radius restrictions or manually pedalling back to the truck. As a result, you have a better chance of success during your hunt.

Adaptability to Various Terrains and Conditions

Fat tire e-bikes are incredibly adaptable to different terrains and conditions, making them perfect for a wood trip. They can easily tackle the most challenging terrain you will likely come across, regardless of the weather. Their aggressive tread lugs, low-pressure tires, and four points of contact patches give them enhanced floatation and traction to tackle mud, snow, loose rock, and other volatile surfaces. This versatile performance allows you to keep hunting through cold weather, rain, and other inclement conditions that might cut your trip short on a regular e-bike. The fat tire e-bike capabilities open up new possibilities for successful hunts year-round. So what are you waiting for?

Experience the Next Level of Hunting with the Himiway Cobra

Apart from the Himiway Cruiser and Zebra, there is also the Himiway Cobra, designed from the ground up as your veritable hunting e-bike. It’s the go-to e-bike for diehard outdoors people, combining fat tire confidence and durability with high-performance electric drive. Here are some of its features:

Powerful Electric Motor and Performance

At the heart of the Himiway Cobra drive system lies a potent 250W brushless geared hub motor that spins faster for stronger acceleration. It also comes with a whopping 25 mph top-assisted speed and 86 Nm of torque that helps you conquer steep, technical terrains even when fully loaded. The torque sensor also adapts power delivery to your pedalling input for intuitive control.

Fat Tires and Enhanced Stability

Our Himiway Cobra has massive 26” x 4.8” CST SuperMoto tires that feature aggressively lugged treads that can bite into loose terrain and float over mud or sand like a monster truck. The tires also have ballooned casings that provide cushioning compliance for stability at speed while resisting flats or punctures.

Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Hunts

Another fantastic feature of the Cobra is its high-capacity 48V/20 Ah Samsung battery that provides up to an estimated 80-mile range on pedal assist or 60 miles of pure electric power. This is enough for even the most remote bow or treestand hunts. Moreover, recharging on the smart charger takes only about 6 hours.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Design

The Cobra is designed to be durable. Its frame is constructed from aviation-grade 6061 aluminium, chosen for strength and corrosion resistance to withstand years of hardcore use and abuse. All electrical components and connections are sealed for all-weather reliability. In other words, come rain or sunshine, your Himiway Cobra is always good to go!

Himiway electric fat bike uk

User-Friendly Features and Customization Options

Finally, we don’t want you to get a headache trying to use the Cobra, which is why it comes with an intuitive LCD that provides riding data and battery life at a glance. At the same time, the half-twist throttle delivers smooth acceleration control. It also has a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system and can accept single, double, or triple chainring setups for gearing customization. Durable fenders and racks allow you to outfit the Cobra according to your preferences and needs.


If you want to enhance your hunting game this year, the way to go is with a fat-tire electric bike. They are durable, perfect for the woods, and silent and stealthy. With a fat tire e-bike, hunting will be not only fun but also effective and rewarding. We have the best options for you. Why not elevate your Cobra Ebike hunting experience today?