One Cruiser, All Terrains

Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
D3 (Cruiser)
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  • 720 Wh

    Samsung/LG Battery

  • 50 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 1 The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.

  • 250 W

    Geared Hub Motor

  • 20+ Mph

    Top Speed 2 Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.

  • 350 lb.

    Payload Capacity

  • 26x4 "

    Kenda Fat Tire

  • 7-Speed

    Shimano Derailleur

  • Mechanical

    180mm Brakes

  • 1 - The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.
  • 2 - Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.

Rider Reviews

One Cruiser, All Terrains

Long Range Expert

840Wh High-Performance Lithium-ion Battery

840Wh High-Performance  Lithium-ion Battery

840 Wh

48V 17.5Ah


Ensure your Safety

It combines the 48V 17.5AH Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery to ensure a long life expectancy and distinguished performance. The single range can be up to 60+ miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 35 miles on pure electric power mode.

  • 50 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 1 The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.

  • 8.8 lb.

    Battery Weight

  • 1 - The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.

Safeguarding your ride with intelligent battery protection for enhanced longevity and performance.

  • Short Circuit Prevention
  • Cell Balancing
  • Temperature Control
  • Over-current Prevention
  • Wiring Protection
  • Over-charging Over-discharging
  • Over-load Prevention
  • Reverse Prevention
Updated 250W Motor

Fast Acceleration & Good Gradeability & Longer Lifespan

Fast Acceleration & Good Gradeability & Longer Lifespan




Field oriented control

250W Upgraded Brushless Geared Hub Motor use the latest updated inner ring specialized in high temperature resistance and better heat dissipation, which can reduce the motor magnets’ attenuation speed to guarantee a longer life expectancy. The 250W brushless gear hub motor can help you conquer even the most rugged terrain easily.

You can think of the FOC as the brain controlling the motor in real-time. It recognizes your riding conditions and instantly calls on the motor for optimal performance. The FOC measures scooter diagnostics, which you as a driver cannot see, and then decides how to respond to your driving inputs.

clear at a glance

Experience Natural Handling and Comfortable Human-vehicle Interaction

LCD Display
Left Handle
Right Handle

LCD Display

Left Handle

Right Handle

The Backlit LCD display provides information on speed, mileage, power, etc.

  • USB Charging
  • Security Code
  • State of Riding
  • Fault Warning
  • Cycling Data
  • Function Set
  • Switch
  • Light ON/OFF
  • Info
  • Half twist throttle
  • Shimano gearbox
  • Bell

The Kenda All-terrain Fat Tire

The Kenda All-terrain Fat Tire


All Terrain

26"x4" Kenda K-shield fat tires provide strong grip and traction on rugged roads. Even on the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, these fat tires can guarantee your safety and offer you an easy and smooth riding experience.

  • Gravel Road
  • Sandy Ground
  • Mountain
  • Brick Road
  • Wetland
  • Snowy Road

350 lb. Payload with Aerospace Grade Aluminum Frame

350 lb. Payload with Aerospace Grade Aluminum Frame



Its frame is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum, capable of handling a maximum weight of 350 lbs, surpassing the average industry standard payload of 275 lbs. The frame is specially designed for larger riders and those carrying heavy belongings. With its upgraded motor, Himiway Cruiser provides exceptional power and smoothness, even when carrying heavy cargo.

  • 350 lb.

    Payload Capacity

  • 77 lb.

    with Battery

Zoom in on New Features

All these upgraded components are designed to give a comfortable, smooth and safe riding experience on city roads.

Brake Taillight

Brake Taillight

The automatic brake light will be activated whenever you use the brake. The tail light remains continuously on when the lights are turned on at night, which can prevent rear-end collisions while riding at night.

48V Luminosity Spotlight

48V Luminosity Spotlight

The Himiway independent R&D luminosity spotlight is 20% brighter than LED light. Visibility is improved to guarantee your safety while riding at night.

180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes

180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes

Both the front and rear 180MM mechanical disc brakes provide ample stopping power even in the harshest conditions.

Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System

Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System

The Shimano 7 speed freewheel means you can shift to a larger cog for uphill riding and downshift to a smaller cog for high speed riding. In combination with the pedal-assist system, you can adjust the most suitable speed to complete your journey.

26"x4" Kenda Fat Tires

26"x4" Kenda Fat Tires

26"x4" Kenda K-shield fat tires provide upgraded grip and traction on rugged roads. Even on the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, these fat tires can guarantee your safety and offer you an easy and smooth riding experience.

Velo Saddle Seat

Velo Saddle Seat

Comfortable saddle seat features a comfortable design specially made for pressure relief.

Half Twist Throttle

Half Twist Throttle

The Half-twist throttle prevents the accidental activation, protecting you from accidental injuries.

Rear Rack

Rear Rack

The rear rack with pre-installed hardware is quick and easy to be installed. And you can bring your furry friends or kids along for the ride!

"If you’re looking for an easy to buy and ride e-bike for exercise, commuting, errands, and fun rides with friends, the Cruiser is a fine choice."


"The Cruiser remains stable and smooth at high speeds, thanks to 4” tires and a 100mm suspension fork."


Himiway Cruiser is a fast and fun e-bike. It’s got that nice big battery. It has decent level components like Tektro disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed transmission.


"The specs and components across the board are comparable to other bikes in the same price range with the exception of the Cruiser Step-Thru’s oversized battery. At 840Wh, it packs in a meaningful amount of additional range and power over the competition."


"The Himiway Cruiser is an ebike designed to handle a little bit of everything, despite the cruiser name it is actually capable of much more with fat tires and a suspension fork."

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble

Watch Video

Technical Specifications






Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Stephen Huntington
Update to my previous review.

Thanks to wonderful and speedy support from Himiway Customer Services, my initial problem with assist levels has been resolved. The Cruiser is a beautiful work horse that can be personalised to your own requirements.
The bike may be restricted for the EU/UK markets, but the torque from the motor is amazing.

The new style colour screen looks pretty, but has very little functionality, lacking even the ability to do a factory reset. I hope Himiway stop shipping their amazing bikes with these screens, until they have improved the software functionality.

Stephen Huntington
Excellent bike, excellent company

I bought my Cruiser through a dealer, rather than directly from Himiway. Himiway organised direct delivery, using a fast and very courteous service with 2 man crew bringing the huge box inside and placing it where I wanted.

It was really easy to set up, with the hardest part lifting it out of the box. This is a BIG bike...ideal size for me.
Beautifully designed, solid and very much to my aesthetic taste.

I watched the setup videos before starting and would recommend everyone does the same. If you follow the sequence you will only need to do it once.

Mine came with a couple of issues around power assist level functionality, where only level 5 gave sufficient (full power) assistance, but customer service are working hard to resolve it. The included new style screen does not allow for user programming of power output of assist levels, like the old style one does. I'm sure it will be a simple fix, following customer service advice. For the week awaiting a new old style screen, I'll be on full assist.

My cruiser also came supplied with the new style oval headlight, which I think looks much better than the old style round one. I've changed the mount position closer to the handlebar though as it looks and functions better.

I'm so impressed that I will start saving for another Himiway model for next purchase

William Hughes
Great purchase, however.

This bike arrived with great time and the staff were lovely and responsive throughout. However there were a couple of caveats I feel they should have made clearer. They should have stated that free delivery does not include those who order from Northern Ireland. They should also remind buyers that are more unaware of bike laws in the U.K./EU that these bike models have their throttles capped to 6kpm/3mph speeds.

Nevertheless this product is great and was easy to build.

vielen danke

Fahrrad hat eine tolle Qualität bin sehr zufrieden leider kann ich meine vorherige nicht so gute Bewertung wegen nicht eingehaltenen Liefertermin nicht löschen

Richard Stevens
Don't underestimate this bike.

I currently weigh 260lbs, and this bike can easily carry my weight given it can carry 350lbs. I live in a rather hilly area, and my initial scepticism about 250w ebikes was dubious at first. I can reveal after going out on it 4 times now in various directions. The bike just eats the hills up and is a very pleasant experience. My ebike came with a different display and was a little tricky to understand at first. Thank god for YouTube. The bike itself is much bigger than any picture or video makes the bike look, and could be a little intimidating at first for people on the smaller end this bike height wise can carry.

Would I buy this bike again?


Mark Sampson
Feels safe and comfortable

Had the Himiway cruiser for two weeks now , it’s replaced the car for my 4 trips to work a day and for trips to meet friends or do small shops. So amazing, I leave the house at 4:45am each morning into the cold and dark and often rain and I actually look forward to the 2 mile commute now . I generally go everywhere on asssit 4 and straight up a long hill from my house and the battery still has 3 bars and I have done 51 miles !!! . If you’re in Britain you can only throttle 3.5 mph as that’s the law but the assist is almost like not pedalling so all good. It’s very comfy and you feel safe , you definitely have a presence in the road and other vehicles treat you with respect. The after care customer service is very good too . I recommend Himiway great machines 👍🏼

Matt Cooper
Himiway Cruiser

I love my Himiway Cruiser. It’s comfortable, looks great , easy to ride. The battery life is pretty good, I weigh around 94 kg and can get around 66 miles out of a charge. Would highly recommend especially for the price I don’t think you can beat it.

david smith

so far, i have only covered 21km, but it was effortless. I put the bike together in a couple of hours the saw that I was supposed to watch the video first (to late)
so far, loving it .
looking forward to many miles of enjoyment.

Zeeshan Gulzar
Himiway cruiser

It’s a good bike overall but main problem after 2 weeks of buying this bike brakes doesn’t work properly they hardly stop the bike I pay 1500£ and just in 2 weeks brake gone wth bike is good but brakes so shit

Andrew McCaslin
Car Replacement

Due to illness I have had to give up driving for three to six months
After a bit of thought and looking at reviews I decided to purchase a Cruiser. Delivered In three working days and the packaging was superb. I’ve used the bike for about two weeks and done 120 miles backwards and forwards to work
I’m 65 I’ve not cycled for over 40 years . I’m bloody impressed. The quality and finish is superb it’s fast enough flat out to move very well in town traffic . My commute to work is not killing me , in fact I’ve lost weight and am feeling fitter . A good purchase , might get a paper round when I retire next year. Brilliant Engineering


Does my height/weight suit the bike?

Which class of E-bike does Himiway Cruiser belong to?

Generally, how long will it take to assemble?

I want more Himi points to get more discounts. How to redeem Himi points?

Can Himiway Cruiser really adapt to any riding conditions? Are there any videos of riding in different terrains?

What are the advantages of fat tires in all terrain conditions?

What is the main difference in performance and design between Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Escape? Which one is more suitable for me?

How can I clean my Himiway bike?

I have other questions.