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Common Reasons Why Your Electric Bike Brakes Are Not Gripping – How To Fix

Picture this. You’re on a weekend adventure, exploring beautiful hills on your long range moped bike, waiting to catch the sunset. And after feasting your eyes on nature’s wonder, it’s time to head back down the hill. But something happens; your ebike brakes are not gripping. This can be very scary, not to mention dangerous as well.

To avoid being in this situation where your brakes fail, we’ll walk you through ebike security and explain why your brakes might not be gripping. I’ll also give you practical solutions so you can identify the problem very early and fix it before it puts you in danger. 

Your brakes can save your life. Even if you’re a careful rider, you might find yourself in a situation where a car comes out of nowhere or even an animal crossing a road.  In this case, having well-functioning brakes can help you control your bike to slow down or even stop. So stay safe by learning how to identify issues with your brakes and what to do if your brakes fail.

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Common Types of Brakes on E-bikes

Just like how not all ebikes are made the same, the ebike brake types are also very different. Some brakes, called disc brakes, are better because, in an emergency, they can stop your ebike more quickly than any other brakes. 

Disc brakes work by squeezing your wheel’s rotor to create friction and stop your long-range electric bike. Now that you know the best type of ebike brakes, let me introduce you to the two best disc brakes for your ebike.

1. Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes use mechanical components to help your ebike brake. When you’re riding your electric bike, and you squeeze your brake lever, the mechanical disc brakes pull the cable connected to your bike’s calliper. This makes the calliper squeeze your rotor and the disc on your wheel. This action creates friction and slows down your electric bike.

If you live in a muddy and wet place most of the time, a mechanical disc brake can help you break quickly without skidding. 

2. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

If you love feeling the wind as you ride your ebike, then a hydraulic disc brake is the best option for you. It’s even more powerful than a mechanical disc brake, so you can stop faster even if you’re riding at a high speed.

Himiway's All-Terrain Electric Bikes have hydraulic disc brakes that can provide you with great braking performance and durability. These disc brakes use a hydraulic fluid to increase the pressure behind your bike’s pistons. This pressure then pushes your brake pads and slows down your ebike. 

Common Reasons for Electric Bike Brake Problems

Here are the most common reasons for ebike brake problems. 

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1. Worn Brake Pads

Your ebike’s brake pads connect your wheels and the brakes that help you stop your bike. When you press the brakes, these pads get pushed onto the disc on your wheels to help you slow down or stop.

If you’ve had your e-bike for a long time, your brake pads might have thinned out and worn out.  This can make them lose their grip.

Check if your brake pads are worn out by testing if you need to press your brakes very hard before your bike slows down.

2. Contaminated Brake Pads or Rotors

Another reason your long-range electric bike’s brake is not gripping well is that your brake pads or rotors are contaminated. It’s common for dirt and oil to get on your brake pads and rotors, especially if you ride your all-terrain electric bike on muddy roads.

If you can hear a clear screeching sound when you brake, it’s time to clean your rotors and brake pads. 

3. Loose or Misaligned Brake Calliper

Your bike’s callipers are the part that squeezes your rotor and the disc on your wheel to create friction and slow down your ebike.

If they are not correctly aligned with your rotor, they won’t apply pressure on them, and this will affect your brakes. So check if your callipers are in the right place before hopping on your bike for a ride.

4. Brake Cable Issues

Unlike the other three issues we’ve discussed, you can easily tell if your bike has brake cable issues. To do this, check if your cables are protruding from the brake callipers. 

If they are, tighten them by turning your barrel adjusters clockwise. On the other hand, if you notice that your cables are too tight, you can loosen them by doing the opposite and turning your barrel adjusters anti-clockwise.

What Happens if Your E-bike Brake Doesn’t Work?

If you’re in an unfortunate situation where your ebike’s brakes fail and you can’t stop, here’s what you can do:

1. Stay Calm: I know this is easier said than done, especially if you are riding at a high speed. But staying calm can help you assess the situation without panicking.

2. Shift To a Deserted Lane: Steer your bike from a busy lane to one more open. This can help you avoid hitting cars or pedestrians. 

3. Steer to Soft Grass: Then, try to steer your ebike into soft grass. This will help you slow down your bike.

4. Use Your Feet: Once your bike slows down, drag your feet on the soft grass to create friction and slow down even further.

5. Use Emergency Brake: Finally, if your e-bike has an emergency brake, use it to stop your bike completely.

Lastly, consider investing in essential ebike components such as  Himiway's advanced e-bike controller, which can help you control your bike even in an emergency.

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How To Fix and Maintain Your Electric Bike Brakes

Here are some tips for fixing and maintaining your ebike brakes in the future:

1. Regularly Clean Your All terrain bike: Clean any dirt and oil on your brake pads and rotors every few weeks with alcohol or a special degreasing wash.

2. Adjust Your Brake Cables: Before riding your electric bike, check if your brake cables are tight enough and are correctly aligned.

3. Replace Your Brake Pads Every Few Years: If you’ve had your long-range electric bike for a while, consider replacing the brake pads with new ones that will be more efficient.


Identifying an issue with your brakes can keep you from danger and even save your life. If you notice that your brakes are not gripping well, don’t take chances and ride it at a high speed. Prioritise your safety by using the tips I’ve given you in this article and even consulting an ebike mechanic.

If you’re looking for a high-quality ebike with great brakes, check out Himiway’s All-Terrain Electric Bike. 

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