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7 Tips for Cleaning An All Terrain Electric Bike

Electric bikes allow cyclists a smooth experience, and their additional power makes it easier to face headwinds and uphills, encouraging a health-conscious commute under the laws and regulations of ebike riding guiding. But like traditional bicycles, ebikes need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure continued high-quality performance that Himiway customers love and enjoy. 

all terrain electric bike

Cleaning your electric moped isn’t a chore; it’s an investment of time that will pay off in multiples over time. Regularly maintaining your e-bicycle will ensure safety and smooth performance and avoid downtime as your electric bicycle gets older, allowing longevity to your all terrain electric bike parts. So let’s take a look at how you should clean it and how often.

How Often Should Your All Terrain Electric Bike Be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning depends on how heavily you use the bike and in what kind of terrain. If you had a particularly muddy ride on a trail, you should clean it after. On the other hand, you can ride it on drier trails for about a week before it needs cleaning. If you only ride in the city, you can get away with washing it once every few weeks. 

The prevailing weather conditions also determine the frequency of cleaning a fat tire all terrain electric bike. Due to rain and mud, electronic bicycles need more cleaning in the fall and winter. However, even if you don’t clean and wash it regularly, you should wipe it down with a rag or cloth to prevent excessive dirt and dust build-up. 

What You Will Need To Clean Your Electric Bike?

Here is a list of what you will need to clean your e bike:

  1. Ample space: An outdoor space or garage with enough room to manoeuvre comfortably will allow you to easily clean your long range electric bike. 
  2. A sponge or rag: A large sponge or rag, such as the one used to clean cars, will do well to wipe down your electric mountain bike. 
  3. Soft- and stiff-bristled brushes: Brushes of various sizes and stiffness come in handy. If you don’t have a brush kit, you can use toothbrushes and a dustpan brush. 
  4. A dry cloth: Any dry cloth can dry the electric moped after you’ve washed it. You can also use paper towels. 
  5. Lightly soapy water: A bucket of lightly soapy water will help gently remove dirt and grime.
  6. Plain water: A bucket of clean, plain water should be on hand to rinse your all terrain electric bike. If you want to use a hose, use it on a sprinkler setting with low pressure. 
  7. Degreaser: A standard long range electric bike degreaser to clean the chain correctly and ensure its prolonged functioning. 
  8. Lubricants: A proper lubricant should be applied to the chain after cleaning for its smooth operation. 
  9. Silicone spray: A silicone spray after cleaning will help dry your e-bicycle and repel water. 

7 Tips for Cleaning An All Terrain Electric Bike

all terrain electric bike

With these tips, you can maintain your all terrain electric bike, granting you years of smooth performance: 

  1. Wait for the Dirt to Dry

    Although it’s great to be enthusiastic about pampering your vehicle and giving it the TLC it deserves, you should also be patient about the process. While you can wipe away some dirt with a dry cloth, you should wait for the mud to dry after incredibly muddy trips. It may sound counterintuitive, but dry dirt is easier to clean. 

          2. Read the Manual 

    Every electric mountain bike comes with a manual. For example, the manual to The Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike not only provides its specifications (an impressive 60-80 miles per charge and a 400 lbs cargo capacity) but also details how to maintain it. The manual will explain the procedure and what precautions to take.

         3. Protect Electronic Components

    Electric mountain bike batteries are entirely waterproof, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. You can use the instructions in the manual to remove the battery and disconnect the display panel. Also, wrap other electrical components or tools and circuits in plastic to keep them safe from the water.

         4. Scrub with a Brush

    Using brushes of different sizes depending on which is most suitable for what part, gently scrub the dirt off the pedals, gears, chains, and brake system. A soft-bristled brush is recommended to clean the tires. Make sure to use different brushes for the drivetrain and the brakes to avoid contaminating the brakes with chain grease and filth. 

        5. Pay Attention to Detail when Cleaning

    After removing the dirt, use a sponge or cloth made damp with slightly soapy water to wipe down the different components of your long range electric bike. Pay attention to detail, and get into every corner, being especially careful with the brake discs as they are essential to safety. This level of care will guarantee that your electric bicycle parts last longer.

        6. Clean the Chain Properly 

    Chains require careful and thorough cleaning for untroubled functioning. You must follow the proper steps to clean your moped style ebike chain properly. After carefully removing dirt, use a degreaser. Once the chain is clean and dry, lubricate it for effortless electric moped rides in the future. 

        7. Rinse Thoroughly 

    After cleaning your electric mountain bike with slightly soapy water to remove residual dirt and grime, rinse it thoroughly with plain water. You can use a damp rag to wipe away the soap and rinse it cleanly. This can also be done with a hose, but in that case, keep the pressure very low and even then, be careful. 

    You Don’t Need to do These

    long range electric bike

    These days, the internet is full of advice about what to do, and the instructions can seem endless. However, cleaning your electronic bike is manageable despite the flood of information making it appear complicated. 

    Clean Frequently

    For example, you don’t need to do a complete clean every time you ride your fat tire electric bike. With relatively light usage, once a month is plenty. You also don’t need complicated equipment, and we advise against using specialised soaps or car cleaners. We introduced some basic knowledge about fat tire electric bikes here.

    No High-Pressure Hoses

    You shouldn’t use high-pressure hoses when you wash it, as they can damage parts or force debris further into them. Furthermore, you should avoid getting water on the hub and headset bearing, bottom bracket, seat post, brakes, chains, and gears. 

    No Upside Down 

    Additionally, there’s no need to turn the moped style ebike upside down to clean it. Even if the position may seem more stable, it increases the chances of getting water inside the motor. Just leaning it on a sturdy object or the fat tire electric bike stand is sufficient. 

    Finishing Touches

    Once you’re done cleaning, dry your electronic bicycle properly. Do this manually rather than waiting for it to dry in the sun. Shake the moped style ebike off to remove water droplets before drying the rest off with a dry cloth or paper towels. Start with the parts that were supposed to stay dry, like the headset bearings and seat post. Finish with the rims so you can easily clean off any remnants of dirt. 

    Spraying with silicone spray is not mandatory, but since silicone is a water-repellant, it can help keep your fat tire electric bike dry. After applying it, you can reconnect the battery and the electrical components and unwrap the parts you had covered in plastic wrap for protection. Hence, your electric bike is clean as new and ready to face any terrain you want. If you take care of them, Himiway’s long range electric bike will allow you to go anywhere you like for years. Find the right fat tire ebike on this Black Friday  Happy riding!