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Essential Gear: 10 Must-Have Add-Ons for Your Fat Tire E-Bike

One of the most exciting things about owning a fat tire electric bike is making it as unique as you are. Since no bike comes out of the factory ideal for the ridder, adding certain accessories can help improve your riding experience. A normal e-bike can help you move from one place to another; however, it can only serve the purpose with the right accessories

This is because the terrain and trails are different for everyone. A good bike should feel comfortable and familiar, and that’s how your e-bike should feel with the right accessories. These accessories can help improve the comfort and safety of your bike and match your riding style. This post will discuss the 10 must-had add-ons for your fat tire electric bike. 

So, continue reading to discover how these add-ons can make your electric bike better. 

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How Accessories Can Enhance the Biking Experience

Bike accessories have both cosmetic and practical benefits. The following are some ways these accessories can improve your riding experience. 

  • 1. Enhanced safety – e-bike accessories can improve your safety while on the road they can help you be aware of your surroundings and avoid accidents. Accessories like a helmet can protect your head from injury in case your bike crashes. 
  • 2. Improved comfort – accessories like helmets, reflectors, and padded clothing can enhance your comfort and riding safety on your ebike. Additionally, they can make your biking more enjoyable and protect you from injury and weather. 
  • 3. Increased functionality – certain accessories like bike racks and baskets can add functionality to your bike. These accessories can make it easier for one to carry luggage or groceries and make it easier to travel on your bike. 

Safety Accessories for Your Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • 1. Helmet

Generally, e-bikes are faster than typical bikes. Therefore, you should ensure you are well-protected before hopping on your e-bike. One of the best ways to ensure safety is wearing a helmet. A helmet can protect you from severe head injuries in case of an accident. 

Wear a helmet with reflective material or light when riding at night. Such a helmet can increase your visibility while on the road and help other road users to see from a distance. 

  • 2. Lights

Bike lights are essential accessories for people who like riding at night or in low visibility conditions. These lights make it easier to see the road ahead and for other pedestrians and road users to see you. It’s advisable to use a front light with at least 300 lumens and a flashing rear light. 

  • 3. Bell or Horn

A bike bell or horn helps riders to communicate with other riders or pedestrians on their path. These accessories alert people of your presence, hence avoiding dangerous situations. There are different types of bells and horns for Himiway Big Dog e-bikes, including electronic and traditional brass bells and squeeze horns. 

Comfort Accessories for Your Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • 1. Comfortable Bike Seats

Getting a new saddle gives you the perfect opportunity to transform your fat tire electric bike. Unlike new tires, a saddle doesn’t affect how your bike rides; rather, it affects how you connect with your Himiwat Cruiser e-bike. Generally, saddle preferences are highly personal, and selecting the saddle that suits you, adds a unique sense of ownership.

So, even if your Himiway Cruiser bike comes with a quality saddle, it may not be ideal for you. A comfortable bike saddle should align with the width of your sit bones. Also, it should provide ample support without impeding your pedaling motion.

  • 2. Padded Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves help protect your hands against blisters, calluses, and potential accidents. Moreover, they enhance your grip on the handlebars and minimize vibrations during your ride. When selecting gloves, it’s advisable to seek those made with breathable materials, gel padding, and adjustable closures. Depending on the weather, you can opt for full-fingered gloves to combat the cold or fingerless gloves for warmer conditions.

Himiway fat bike

  • 3. Ergonomic Handlebars

Uncomfortable handlebars can create various issues as they impact your overall positioning, ultimately affecting how you handle the bike. It can even lead to hazardous situations, such as difficulty reaching the brake levers or transitioning between different hand positions.

Given their crucial role, handlebars are an indispensable component that should be carefully chosen to suit your preferences and riding style. Finding a handlebar that fits you perfectly is essential to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

Convenience Accessories for Your Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • 1. Rear Racks and Bags

Most e-bikes come without rear racks. So, if your bike doesn’t have rear racks, you will need them, as they provide you with the space you need to carry luggage. In addition, you will need bags to carry things like bike chargers, repair kits, and other essential items. These two accessories can increase the riding experience of your electric cargo bike since you’ll not worry about leaving behind anything you need on your trip. 

  • 2. Lock

Your bike might have come with an integrated wheel lock, but you still need a quality lock to secure it to a fixed point. Bike thieves are becoming smarter every day, and an integrated wheel lock will not deter them from stealing your bike. 

Today, many choices are available when it comes to bike locks, but the common options are U-locks, cable, chain, and folding locks. These options have proven to be secure and convenient for the user. 

  • 3. Front and Rear Lights

If you love off-road biking, you must understand the importance of having powerful bike lights. These lights are essential accessories that enable you to safely ride through such terrains. Riding off-road can become extremely dark, and without sufficiently bright front lights, navigating through unfamiliar trails is challenging.

In addition to providing illumination, front, and rear lights serve as crucial navigational aids and reflectors for vehicles approaching from any direction. These lights ensure other drivers can spot you from a distance, thus keeping you safe while on the road. 

  • 4. Additional Battery

An additional battery can come in handy if you love traveling long distances with your Himiway Big Dog e-bike. These batteries increase your bike’s range without worrying about stopping to charge your fat bike. With an additional battery, you’ll be able to ride for longer while reducing the frequency of recharging.

Additionally, owning two batteries can also extend the overall battery lifespan. When you have two batteries, you avoid constantly recharging a single one, which tends to strain its longevity. If you frequently use your e-bike, it is advisable to alternate between two batteries. This practice minimizes the strain on each battery due to daily discharge and charge cycles, ultimately resulting in prolonged battery life for both batteries.

Our Choice - Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bike

Himiway’s ultimate objective has always been to create a stylish, refined, and adaptable electric bike. The Himiway Electric Bike Cruiser Step-Thru has a convenient low-step design that ensures ease and exceptional comfort while maintaining outstanding performance. With 26-inch fat tires, it offers satisfactory skid resistance and anti-vibration capabilities.

This bike has a 6061 aluminum frame, granting it unparalleled durability. This frame can support greater weight and pressure, making it suitable for people with taller and stronger physiques. The upgraded 750W Brushless Geared Hub Motor utilizes a newly enhanced inner ring designed for high-temperature resistance and improved heat dissipation, resulting in reduced magnet deterioration and a longer lifespan. With the 750W brushless gear hub motor, you can effortlessly conquer even the most challenging terrains.

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Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bike Specs

  • Motor – 750W continuous power geared hub motor 
  • Battery – 840W, 48V, 17.5 amp-hour pack 
  • Bike Assistance Modes – pedal assist (level 0-5) and twist throttle (right-mounted)
  • Frame – 6061 Aluminum
  • Range – 35-60 miles 
  • Weight – 72 lbs
  • Payload Capacity – 350 lbs
  • Tires – 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires
  • Brakes – mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors
  • Lights – integrated front and rear LED lights
  • Recommended Rider Height – 5’3″ - 6’4″

Final Tips and Advice From Himiway

Having accessories for your e-bike can enhance your riding experience. From helmets to lights, batteries, and saddles, there are lots of options to help you improve your rides. So, whether you are new to e-bikes or a seasoned rider, consider checking the different e-bike accessories out there to see the ones ideal for your bike.