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Black Friday Gift Guide: Find The Right Fat Tire Electric Bike

With Black Friday coming up soon, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the variety of products we can buy in the approaching sales and discounts. This year, you can use the Black Friday Deals to make your commute and travel easier by purchasing an electric bike as a gift for yourself.

Himiway fat tire electric scooter

Himiway all terrain fat tire electric bikes allow cyclists to travel almost everywhere with a new level of comfort and have numerous benefits. Let’s discuss what a fat tire bike is, the main reasons for buying one, how to decide which type and size are right for you, and how these bikes perform. 

What Is a Fat Tire E-Bike?

Fat tire e bikes, or moped style ebikes, are electric bicycles with a tire width almost twice that of a conventional bike. Their tires are usually 4 to 5 inches wide, compared to the traditional bike tire widths of approximately 2 to 3 inches. They are fitted into frames with broad forks and have low inflation pressures for comfort. The additional surface area of fat tires gives you more stability and balance as a long range electric bike rider. 

Depending on the exact tire width, tread, and grip, different fat tire ebikes can allow you to conquer any terrain and travel wherever you like comfortably.  Here is a brief guide on the major difference between regular and electrical bikes. Himiway’s electric bikes are excellent examples of ebikes you can use in any weather and circumstance. You can easily ride them in snow, hail, rain, dirt, or heavy wind. Even in urban landscapes, they make up for a convenient and stable commute. 

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat tire electric bikes are all terrain bicycles that provide the rider with many benefits. Here are the five biggest reasons to buy an all terrain electric bike:

  • 1. Better Balance 

All-terrain fat tire electric bicycles are great for beginners. Their wider tires make it easier to learn how to ride, even if it’s your first time on any kind of bicycle. You’re unlikely to fall over and can learn to ride with minimal injury and damage because the long range ebike won’t topple the way conventional ones do. In addition, fat tires provide excellent shock absorption, making you more comfortable. 

  • 2. Greater Challenges

Although electric mountain bikes are ideal for learners, they can also allow experienced cyclists to face more significant challenges, so they don’t get bored. Going off-road, all terrain bikes provide plenty of fun challenges for skilled riders. Navigating more difficult environments like snow or sand with the added weight will demand more strength and advanced handling. Therefore, heavier fat tire bikes give experienced riders plenty of enjoyable challenges. 

  • 3. Low Maintenance

Fat tires are more durable than regular tires because they are thicker, heavier, and more structured. Because they’re designed to endure more demanding conditions, they don’t wear down as quickly and will last much longer. With these qualities, they are less likely to break, and their shapes won’t distort or deteriorate. Therefore, you won’t have to replace them with the same frequency as conventional tires. 

long range electric bike

  • 4. Easier Travel

Traditional bike tires are limited to urban landscapes with pavements or, at most, cobbled paths and dirt. On the other hand, long range electric bikes can conquer every type of surface, including ice, snow, sand, mud, and forest floor. You won’t slip on wet surfaces and will be better able to face harsher winds with greater weight. Thus, a fat tire e-bike will make every kind of travel and commute easier. 

  • 5. More Enjoyment

Riding a moped style ebike is an entirely different experience from a regular one. The wider tires give more comfort and stability, making you feel safer and allowing you to enjoy the ride without extraneous effort. You feel total peace of mind about your personal safety and can easily tackle new adventures. This will help you enjoy yourself more and engage in healthy exercise that releases endorphins. 

Choosing the Right Size

After seeing the many advantages listed above, you may be tempted to buy an all terrain electronic bike immediately. However, you must carefully consider different long range electric bikes sizes and weights to choose the right one. Here is a table that effectively summarises what size you should pick depending on your height: 


Height of Rider

Bike Size

5'2" to 5'5"

medium step thru

5'5" to 5'6"

medium step thru or a medium standard

5'6" to 5'8"

medium standard

5'8" to 5'9"

medium or large

5'9" to 6'0" 


6'0" to 6'1"

large or extra-large

6'1" to 6'4"


6'4" and above

extra-extra large


On our website, you can also compare all terrain electric bike models to evaluate the other specifications of different bikes. You can check their motor placement, power, battery type, runtime, range, weights, and prices. Himiway offers a range of models, and there is sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly. 

Fat Tire Electric Bike Performance

Two of our best and newest fat tire electric bikes have been performing excellently and provide customer satisfaction and a cycling experience you will surely enjoy. Himiway to launch electric bikes in the UK market in 2022. One of the designs that Zebra all terrain electric bike has a 250W continuous Geared Hub Motor and a 48 V Samsung/LG battery that allows it to do 60-80 miles per charge. It can carry 400 lbs, 40% more than other brands.

Another high performance electric cargo bike is the Himiway Big Dog electric cargo bike, which has the space and power to carry your cargo anywhere you need to go. It has a 48 V Samsung/LG battery with which it can do 60-80 miles per charge, with a 43% larger capacity than other brands. The rear rack is removable and changeable; you can carry 400 lbs of cargo on the all terrain electric bike. 

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Safe Riding

Take full advantage of this year’s Black Friday Deals to get yourself a high-performing, top-notch fat tire electrical bicycle. Himiway’s electric fat tire e-bikes can easily manage all terrains, giving you a comfortable and safe ride regardless of surface or weather. They provide additional traction, grip, and stability everywhere, from pavements and city streets to biking trails and dirt surfaces. Not only for the peformance but also a professional service of Himiway can be trusted.

As long-range ebike experts, Himiway ensures the smoothest possible experience, so if you’re looking for a long range e bike, check out our extensive and varied product collection. You can check the Himiway order status through here. Best of luck at the Black Friday sales, and safe riding!