Himiway Cruiser electric mountain bike

Himiway to Launch Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bikes in the UK Market

With e-bike sales in the UK on a surge, Himiway is gearing up to launch their industry-leading electric bikes in the UK scene this month. You can access Himiway help center to explore electric bikes.

October 24, 2022: The ebike market in the UK is poised to hit a mighty volume of 0.44 billion USD by 2027 in comparison to 0.24 billion USD in 2021. Himiway, one of the top 3 fat tire long range electric bike experts in the USA, is soon to launch their cutting-edge electric bikes in the U.K. market this October.

Himiway Cruiser fat tire electric bike

As per the sources, Himiway is scheduled to officially launch dome of their best electric bikes in the UK market on October 26, 2022.

The UK is currently boasting a surging rise in the electric bike sector and for all the great reasons. The recent market figures show an inspiring boom in the sales of e-bikes in the country. According to the latest reports, a whopping number of 50k to 60k electric bikes are sold in the UK annually now, in comparison to the overall bike sales volume of 3 million+ in the country.  Among the electric bike types, fat tire electric bike models are currently most of the limelight. The best advantage of fat tire models is that the fat-tire build helps to attain higher ground contact in comparison to other bike models, and that too for all terrains.

Launched in 2017 in the USA, Himiway is a globally recognized name for long-range fat tire electric bikes today in the international electric bike market. The company is driven by the mission to offer the best possible outdoor cycling experience for the riders and that too in the most environment-friendly way. 

One of the major USPs that separate Himiway from other electric bike companies is their provision of a longer range. While regular e-bikes can’t go beyond 40 miles, Himiway bikes come with even longer ranges, ranging from 60-80 miles.

“We are pleased to announce that we are looking forward to introducing our cutting-edge electric bikes in the UK market in October. We are on a growing spree for quite some time now and the UK scene is our upcoming destination. The UK currently promises a rising interest in electric bikes- so much so- that the government also has plans for subsidies for e-bike riders. There could not be a better time to launch our long-range fat tire electric bikes to the UK scene. Well, Himiway welcomes you to join us.”, stated the marketing manager from Himiway. 

The marketing manager shared that they would initially be debuting in the UK market with two popular Himiway models. Himiway welcome partner to join their electric bike affiliate program.

Himiway Cruiser Step-thru Ebike

One of them is the Himiway Cruiser. It’s an all terrain electric long-range fat tire e bike that offers up to 60 miles of range. The e-bike model is designed to assure a smooth ride even in the most complex biking conditions, whether one is rising across hilly terrain or across a sandy beach. The bike has been equipped with a mighty 840Wh capacity Samsung battery as well as 250W of motor power. It also comes with 26” fat tires. 

The other model is Step-Thru Cruiser. It’s an elevated model of the Cruiser and comes with the additional element of a convenient Step-Thru design that assures great comfort for senior riders.

Himiway is offering 150 pounds off on the purchase of one bike, and 300 pounds off on the purchase of two. The company has also assured dedicated customer service, explore ebike riding organization, FREE shipping on all e-bike orders, and a 2-year of warranty.

Himiway is currently expanding their market base and will soon be launching two of their bestselling long range fat tire electric bikes in the UK. Welcome to join Himi driver test program now! If you wanna test an ebike, just come and check out the dealer nearest you.