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Light Up Your Ride the Ultimate Guide to Long-range E-Bike Lights

Electric bike lights are small lights designed to be effortlessly attached to your bicycle. These lights help to enhance your visibility to drivers and illuminate your path while cycling in low-light settings or during nighttime.

Like car headlights, front bike lights emit a white light, while rear bike or tail lights emit a red light, aiding your visibility from behind. These lights are powered by either rechargeable or replaceable batteries.

Himiway Long Range Electric Bike

Long-range E-Bikes and Lights for Safety

E-bike lights are specifically designed for electric bicycles. Unlike traditional bike lights, these lights are more powerful and brighter. This is because the batteries derive power from the bike’s battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. 

E-bike lights come in various shapes and sizes, commonly featuring high-intensity LEDs that produce focused light beams. They are commonly attached to the handlebars using a bracket or clamp, and some models can even be integrated into the bike’s frame or fork.

The best lights for Himiway Big Dog are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, enabling them to endure daily usage demands. Additionally, they come equipped with multiple modes or settings, which allow the user to customize the brightness, beam pattern, or flashing mode according to user preferences.

Types of Long-range E-bike Lights

Front Lights

Front lights, or headlights, are one of the most important components in e-bikes, as they directly illuminate the road ahead. Most headlight models possess a minimum brightness of 60 lumens, which adequately lights up the road in front of the bike. A headlight becomes essential in situations like darkness, fog, or rain.

Some e-bike front lights come equipped with a daytime light. This feature can be activated during daylight hours alongside the low beam to enhance the visibility of cyclists in traffic. Furthermore, certain e-bike headlights have a high beam functionality. The high beam helps to improve your visibility when riding and can enhance your range of vision in the dark.

Rear Lights

E-bike taillights or rear lights help other road users to detect your presence on the road. These lights are fixed on the back of your Himiway Cobra Pro and emit a prominent red beam, improving your e-bike’s visibility while riding in the dark. 

Unlike headlights that illuminate the road ahead, taillights are intended to alert individuals behind you. In other words, their primary function is to ensure you are visible to those following you. As a result, tail lights require less power output compared to headlights. 

Auxiliary Lights

E-bike auxiliary lights serve as supplementary lighting fixtures that can be added to enhance visibility safety on bikes. These lights are usually fixed on the helmet handlebars or electric bike frame and provide additional illumination. The lights come in diverse forms, sizes, and designs and can be charged or powered by batteries. 

How to Choose the Best E-bike Lights


Different lights for electric bikes UK have different brightness levels. Fortunately, these lights are rated in Lumens, making comparing their brightness easier. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light, and vice versa. However, it’s important to note that lumens alone do not dictate everything—well-designed lenses and optics also contribute to the overall brightness of the light. 

Battery Life

This is another important consideration when buying a light for your Himiway Cruiser fat bike. Higher brightness levels necessitate more power, resulting in faster battery drain. Hence, balancing brightness, visibility, safety, and battery life is vital when deciding on electric bicycle lighting.

Beam Angle

The beam angle of your Himiway lights directly affects the extent to which the road ahead is illuminated. A light with a wide beam angle enhances peripheral vision, whereas a narrower beam angle offers a more concentrated illumination.

Choosing the ideal beam angle depends on your specific riding conditions and personal preferences. A light with a wide beam angle is ideal for people who love riding on dark trails as it ensures adequate peripheral vision, enabling one to detect potential hazards easily. Conversely, a narrower beam angle light is ideal for well-light areas like towns.

Mounting Options

Most e-bike lights are designed to be installed easily. Certain lights are equipped with both types of mounts, allowing you to select the option that best suits your riding style. Hard mounts typically offer a more secure attachment and are suitable for larger lights. On the other hand, soft mounts have an elastic or silicone material, making them easier and quicker to install and remove than hard mounts.

Himiway Electric Commuter Bike

Weather Resistance

If you frequently ride in rainy or wet weather, you should choose a bicycle light capable of enduring such conditions. Waterproof ratings for bicycle lights adhere to the ANSI FL-1 Standard, also used for headlamps and flashlights. To assess the level of waterproofness before purchasing, pay attention to the IPX rating (for instance, IPX4 indicates water resistance) associated with the light.

Installation and Maintenance of E-bike Lights

You should take some electric bikes maintenance directly on your bike. If you mount the light on your body or helmet, it will track the movements of your body and might not maintain optimal orientation consistently. So, you must install the light on your bike and ensure it’s not obstructed by anything in the front or rear. 

Keeping Them Clean

Your long range electric bikes lights can accumulate dust and dirt over time, reducing brightness. To maintain optimal brightness, you can clean the lights by gently wiping them with a soft cloth and using a mild soapy water solution. After cleaning, thoroughly dry the Himiway lights before using them again. 

Storing Them Properly

Always store your e-bike lights properly if you want them to last long. It is recommended to store the lights in a cool and dry location. Additionally, it is important to avoid direct sunlight exposure when storing the lights.

Replacing Batteries

If you use battery-powered lights for your Himiway Cruiser e-bike, you will need to replace them eventually. Generally, the lifespan of the batteries depends on several factors, such as their type and the frequency of light usage. You should monitor the battery levels regularly and replace them once they run low.

How to Align the Beams and Adjust the Brightness Levels

It is crucial to properly adjust the lighting system on your e-bike to comply with regulations and for your safety. The angle and height of the lights should be set in a way that provides an ample light cone without causing glare for oncoming traffic. By ensuring the correct alignment of the lights, you can guarantee sufficient path illumination while riding your e-bike.

Aligning the Beams

Always align the beams of your e-bike lights in the appropriate direction. This helps to ensure optimal visibility on the road while avoiding any glare that may affect fellow cyclists or drivers. Most e-bike lights come with adjustable mounting brackets that enable you to tilt the lights upward or downward. You will need to adjust the mounting bracket of your lights to get the perfect beam alignment. Utilizing a level can assist you in achieving precise alignment of the lights.

Adjusting Brightness Levels

Once you align the beams, it’s time to adjust the brightness. This is not a technical task, as you can adjust the brightness of your e-bike lights depending on your preferences. Most lights come with different brightness settings, meaning you have various options for different conditions. 

Himiway Fat Tire Electric Bike

Our Choice - Himiway Escape Pro

The Himiway Escape Pro Long range moped-style electric bike is a true crowd favorite. This bike comes equipped with a powerful 48V Samsung battery, which makes it ready to take you to any place you want. Its impressive 20 x 4 inches fat tires provide exceptional grip and stability, allowing you to conquer even the most challenging terrains effortlessly.

This bike also boasts a double suspension system designed to tackle any cycling condition. The dual suspension system is a one-of-a-kind feature that guarantees a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Escape Pro Ebike Specs

Battery – 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery
Range – 35-50 Miles 
Hub Motor – 250W brushless gear motor
Pedal Assist – Intelligent 0~5 level pedal assist
Tires – 20” x 4” Kenda fat tires
Brake – 180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes
Chain – KMC Chain
Gearing – Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK
Throttle – Half twist throttle
Bike Frame – 6061 Aluminum frame


Electric bikes offer an exciting and environmentally friendly way of transportation. Nevertheless, prioritizing your safety is crucial. Bike lights play a vital role in ensuring the visibility and safety of e-bike riders, especially when riding at night. By selecting and using the appropriate e-bike lights correctly, you can enhance your safety while enjoying the thrill of Himiway bike riding.