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Electric Mountain Bike Hunting Tips for This Winter

In winter, most bikers store their bikes and wait for the end of the season when the weather is less extreme, and the snow has melted. However, if you are up for an adventure, you can even take your electric bike out in the snow and go hunting. You will love the convenience that e-bikes provide. Moreover, there won’t be any worry about leaving scent trails, making noise, or running out of fuel. himiway all terrain fat ebike

Electric mountain bikes like Himiway Zebra or Himiway Cruiser offer an innovative riding experience that allows you to go further and higher with less effort. They are equipped with motors and batteries and may also be referred to as hunting electric bikes. The motor helps you pedal when you need assistance, so you don't have to increase the effort.

Electric Bike Tips

Fat tire mountain electric bikes have proven to be very comfortable in the wild by helping hunters navigate rocky or hilly terrain and cover a lot of ground. Hunting ebikes also makes transporting larger games easier than traditional mountain bikes. There are some other differences between electric moutain bikes and regular bikes. However, to make sure that your hunting experience is safe, there are several biking tips that you may follow. These tips are:

De-ice the Components

There are many components in the fat tire electric bike that are sensitive to moisture and ice. So how to store the hunting ebike in winter is crucial. This includes the mechanical brakes and the lithium battery. The presence of ice on these components in winter can impede their ability to function correctly. It is a known fact that lithium batteries drain much quicker in the cold. Therefore, you must always make sure to apply some de-icer before going for a hunt.

Check the Tire Pressure

Always remember that hunting moped style ebikes with fat tires is the best option in winter. The tire pressure losses much faster in winter. Hence, make sure to inflate your tires to the lower end of the recommended range. This will ensure a firm grip, stability, and good traction while riding on slippery terrains 

Rider Tips for Hunting in Winter

Before going winter hunting, ensure you are equipped with all the necessary hunting gear. Considering that you are out in the open, you should have the necessary gear to keep yourself warm to avoid hypothermia.

Make Sure To Keep The Hunting Gears Ready

Traditional felt boots are a priority for experienced fat tire electric bike hunters who travel hundreds of kilometers through the forest. Veterans hunters also have the option to wear overshoes, but they can easily get lost in snowdrifts. Modern boots are produced on a monolithic rubber sole with a pronounced tread. They keep the feet warm and provide an excellent grip. If you bravely served our country, Himiway prepares welfare for the vetrans discount on electric bikes.

A good addition to the winter hunting suit could be frost-resistant camouflage boots with a high adjustable leg, providing ankle support. It is important that the shoes are relatively warm, light, and safe. After all, you never know how far you must go hunting in winter.

As with any sport or outdoor activity, wearing the right clothes guarantees the best safety and security, comfort, and freedom of movement. Only when you are comfortable with what you’re wearing can you enjoy every moment of this experience to the fullest. Hunting clothing on e-bikes must also facilitate the hunter's activity, in particular, to accompany and encourage movements rather than hinder them.

Contingency Plans

When hunting on a moped style ebike in winter, slips and trips are inevitable. Therefore, you should always keep a basic first-aid kit available with you. Make sure you bring your cell phone with you in case you need help. Before leaving for hunting, inform your friends and family about your location and plans. When going on long distances, there is a good chance that you might end up being stranded in the snow. Therefore, you may also keep equipment that may be used as a distress signal, e.g., flare guns, sound signals, etc.

Riding Tips

You should always be prepared to slide when riding an electrical hunting fat tire electric bike in the snow. You should also remember that stopping distances are longer because of the slippery surface while braking.

Himiway long range fat tire ebike

Avoid the Puddles and Stay Away From Ice

When riding a moped style ebike in the snow, you never know how deep a puddle or patch of snow is. You can always look out for rocks, leaves, or sticks peering out of the snow to get an idea of how deep it is. If there’s nowhere else to turn, make sure to be extra careful and control your speed accordingly.

Accelerate Slowly

When riding in snow, make sure to practise deliberate and gradual acceleration. Giving sudden power to the pedal may cause the tire to spin, and you can be thrown off balance.

Select a Route in Advance

Make sure to select your hunting route in advance. You can use Google Maps for this purpose. You should also be aware of the alternate routes if any road is blocked.

Legal to Hunt

Make sure that you are following your local hunting laws. Avoid going to the no-go areas. Despite the official opening of winter hunting, the regional authorities set the times and types of animals allowed for shooting at any particular location.

Also, you need to have a proper licence before using a gun. The issuance of relevant documents is engaged in the local hunting department.

Choosing A Suitable Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting

There are two important aspects to consider when choosing a pedal assisted electric bike. The first is the transmission, and the other is the after-sales service. The after-sales service in the event of breakdowns and malfunctions is certainly an aspect to be evaluated by discussing with the shopkeeper who sells you the bicycle. 

Finally, the battery, which is even more than the engine, distinguishes an electric mountain bike from a traditional one. Below, we present 2 options for fat tire electric bikes that may be used for hunting.

Himiway Cruiser

Himiway offers various types of best fat tire electric bikes, including long-range e-bikes, electric cargo bikes, and all terrain electric bikes. All these bikes have different tire requirements. For instance, let’s discover the specifications of the Himiway Cruiser:

  1. Range: 35-60 miles
  2. Battery: 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG Battery 
  3. Power:250W Geared Hub Motor (continuous)
  4. Weight Capacity: 350lb Payload Capacity
  5. Brakes: 180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes

This long range electric bike has 26-inch fat tires, which prevents it from slipping on wet surfaces. These fat tires provide riders with tremendous grip and mechanical stability, further explaining why this is the perfect all terrain electric bike for hunting.

Himiway all terrain fat tire ebike

Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra is an all terrain electric bike with a power of 250W through its Geared Hub Motor. The following are its main features:

  1. Range: 60-80 miles
  2. Battery: 48V 20Ah Samsung Battery with 43% larger battery capacity than other brands. Charged with 48V 20A battery power supply adapter charger. Build-in Battery AND well-sealed
  3. Power:750W Hub-Drive Motors
  4. Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  5. Hydraulic Disc Brake

The improved Himiway Zebra, which is a variation of the Himiway Cruiser, has an enhanced inner ring and a strong 750W gear hub motor. The 26-inch Kenda fat tire's shape increases traction to prevent sliding on the ground and getting stuck in mud or snow, making it another premier choice for your hunting excursions. You can know more info from Himiway community.


Going hunting in winter on your long range electric bike is a thrilling sport. However, you should follow all the tips to ensure that your experience is free of any unfortunate events. By following some basic practices regarding what to wear and what to check in your e-bike before riding, you can make your hunting experience memorable. 

Are you looking for your perfect hunting all terrain electric bike? Himiway has some of the best fat tire mountain long range electric bikes, epitomized by the Himiway Zebra and Himiway Cruiser. There is a welfare for the veterans to buy a fat tire electric bike from Himiway. Now is the perfect opportunity to follow your passion for hunting while enjoying the highest degree of comfort!