Himiway Cobra

Conquer rugged mountain roads with Himiway Cobra in May

May brings an irresistible sense of adventure, and mountain riding is a favourite activity for many mountain bikers. However, the demanding terrain and unpredictable weather conditions of mountain trails can test the limits of even the most capable bikes. That is where a true electric mountain bike comes in. 

The Himiway Cobra is an electric mountain bike engineered to dominate even the most untamed roads and anything Mother Nature throws your way. From its fat tyre size that gives better traction to powerful, durable constructions, the Cobra offers a smooth and exciting ride through any mountainous landscape, regardless of whether you are riding uphill or down a slope. If you seek a companion to explore and conquer the great outdoors on two wheels, get ready to get your mind blown.

Himiway Cobra’s Capabilities for Mountain Riding

From offering a smooth ride on rough roads to providing an extended range when riding, here are some capabilities that Himiway Cobra offers.

Extended Range for Epic May Adventures

Our Himiway Cobra is a force to be reckoned with on the mountain trails, especially regarding range. Its 960Wh Samsung/LG battery is a powerhouse that gives you up to 80 miles on a single charge. This allows you to ride the mountain without ever running low or out of juice. This extended distance makes it a perfect long-range electric bike you can count on at any time of the day. Nature is beautiful but sometimes unforgiving, so unlike some of our products, like the A7 Pro, the Cobra has an integrated battery most suited for harsh weather conditions.

Mountain riding can be fun and challenging, but with the Himiway Cobra, you have nothing to worry about, especially if you're a newbie or don’t want to strain yourself. The pedal assist feature allows for effortless incline rides and can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, giving you enough velocity to hear the air whistle in your ears.

Himiway Cobra

Effortless Climbs and Enjoyable Rides

There isn’t a point in having a suitable eMTB at the expense of comfort. Our Cobra electric bike has a plush Selle Royal saddle designed for long rides. The seat is also adjustable, allowing you to change its position to suit your preference. Cobra has a total payload of 400 pounds, meaning you can ride comfortably with a backpack of essentials without sacrificing performance. Speaking of essentials, you need to stay hydrated when riding, and thankfully, this mountain electric bike comes with a compartment where you can attach a water bottle holder. This makes your water accessible while riding without the need for stopping.

The comfort that this eMTB offers doesn't stop here; given how rough mountain terrains are, Cobra is the perfect fat tyre electric bike for you. With its 26 x 4.8 tyres providing excellent traction, you can be assured of a more stable ride. Add that to the 4-bar linkage suspension, and you get a smoother ride on difficult pathways and better bump absorption without compromising on the pedalling efficiency.

Built to Explore; Engineered for Safety

Safety has always been at the core of our e-bikes; the same goes for Himiway Cobra. We built it with an aluminium frame, perfect for eMTBs as it offers excellent balance and strength while still being lightweight. A flush integrated LCD also tells you all you need to know about your bike's condition. From battery level to miles covered, you can view all vital information at a glance, reducing the risk of taking your eyes off the road.

The taillight is another area where we are redefining mountain electric bikes. Instead of the conventional LED light, Cobra uses our bespoke luminosity tail light, which is 20% brighter than its LED counterpart. So whether you love night rides or simply got caught out by the beauty of the climb, you can be assured of perfect visibility.

Cobra also excels when it comes to stopping power. It uses a 180mm hydraulic brake system made by one of the best brake manufacturers in the world - Tekro. So, what does this mean for your mountain rides? Well, besides getting a very responsive and sharp brake performance regardless of the terrain or weather, the system is also highly durable.

For added protection when riding on mountains, the Cobra also includes aluminium crankset guards, which protect the chainring from pebbles.

Power Through any Terrain

Power is one of the most critical aspects of conquering rugged mountain roads, and Cobra is packed with several features that make climbing as easy as riding down. The eMTB comes with a 250W gear hub, which provides a more efficient and reliable performance, especially when manoeuvring your e-bike on the most challenging trails. 

The 85Nm torque sensor also gauges your pedal input to deliver appropriate motor assistance for a natural riding experience. This, coupled with the 7-speed gear system, provides you with efficient climbing with minimal power and can extend your range by up to 15% on a single charge.

Himiway Cobra

Gearing Up for May Mountain Adventure with Himiway Cobra

Before you embark on your adventures, here is a checklist of things you must do for a successful ride.

Check the Weather Condition: May weather is somewhat unpredictable, so it’s always best to check the forecast for the area you will be riding. This helps prepare you for what is to come and determines the outfit to wear.

Pre-Ride Inspection: Perform a thorough inspection on every part of your Himiway Cobra. Check the brakes, chain tension, brakes and, of course, if your battery is well charged.

Take all Essential Tools Along: Mountain riding can come with its uncertainties, so it’s best to prepare for this. Take along with you a handy tool kit like the 16-in-1 multi-function repair tool that you can use for basic repairs in case of mechanical issues. Even if you are sure of your e-bike’s performance, you might meet fellow riders who need your toolkit on the trail.

Wear Headgear: Cobra has all it takes to protect you, but one aspect you have to do yourself is the headgear. Wear a suitable mountain bike helmet to protect your head in case of accidents or falls.

Hydrate! Hydrate!! Hydrate!!!: Staying hydrated is important during your rides. Pack multiple bottles of water and have one close by on your water bottle holder for easy accessibility. You can also take plenty of energy bars along to refuel.

Himiway Cobra

Himiway Cobra, Your Trusted Ride Across Mountains

The Himiway Cobra is more than just an eMTB; it's a versatile machine that embodies durability, reliability, comfort, safety, and speed, all you need for wholesome adventures this May.

May’s unpredictable weather shouldn't hold you back, as this rugged beast provides optimal performance regardless of the terrain. Its extended range also gives you the confidence to explore, whether you are seeking an adrenaline-fueled journey or a serene nature ride. Experience the ultimate mountain biking journey by scheduling a test ride today at a location near you and discover the thrill of riding the Cobra firsthand.