Himiway A7 Pro

Why is the Himiway A7 Pro the Best Choice for your Commute?

Navigating the traffic with your car or bike and searching for a parking spot is a daily grind most of us know all too well. The alternative of waiting for public transit only to be squeezed onto a crowded bus can also drain the energy of even the most resilient person. But there is a better way around this - electric bikes. The Himiway A7 pro, to be precise.

This powerful fat-tyre electric bike is the holy grail of all urban commuting. In addition to saving money on gas and parking fees, it also comes with an efficient motor that makes riding uphill or through traffic easy. Not just this, with speeds reaching up to 25 km/h, you can ride the city streets efficiently and avoid the hassle of parking and long lines. Are you intrigued yet? Here's why the Himiway A7 pro is the perfect transport choice for you.

Himiway A7 Pro

Performance and Power

The easy commute isn't just about navigating traffic; it's about arriving feeling energized and ready for the day. The A7 Pro tackles this challenge with a powerful and efficient drivetrain. The heart of this system lies in the 250W mid-drive motor. Unlike hub motors in some e-bikes, the mid-drive motor delivers a more natural riding experience by placing the power source directly at the cranks. This means you have a smoother power delivery and better handling when riding uphill and manoeuvring traffic.

In addition to its efficient motor, the A7 Pro comes with a 720Wh Samsung/LG battery. This high-capacity battery offers an impressive range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, eliminating range anxiety and ensuring you reach your destination without worry.  

One major way we can provide this long-range is through smart power management.  The 120Nm torque sensor constantly monitors your pedalling input. This allows the motor to adjust its assistance in real time and only provides a helping hand when needed while maximizing both battery life and your energy reserves. The result? Effortless riding that lets your inclines and challenging terrain without breaking a sweat.

Utmost Safety on Every Ride

Electric bike-related accidents are becoming alarmingly common, with Greater London’s Metropolitan reporting about 106 casualties in 2021 alone. This makes prioritizing safety more important than ever.

Our A7 Pro is built with urban safety in mind. The aluminium frame isn't only durable but was engineered in a way that reduces the transmission of shocks from bumps and road vibrations to give you a more stable ride. The frame is not the only durable thing about this urban commuter electric bike; it also comes with a 180mm hydraulic disc brake, which is renowned for its powerful and precise modulation control. The brakes work perfectly on all terrains, and besides requiring minimal maintenance, you can be assured of a consistent performance over the years. The brake system doesn't only protect you; our A7 Pro electric bike also comes with an auto-illuminating brake light, which comes on when you apply the brake to prevent rear-end collision. 

A7 Pro’s versatility doesn’t only shine with the sun; during low visibility travels, the 48v headlight can illuminate the road for you and other road users and add peace of mind, there is an integrated Abus lock you can use to secure your bike during stops.

Himiway A7 Pro

Convenience and Practicality

We designed the Himiway A7 Pro with comfort in mind. It doesn't just get you where you want to go; it makes the journey effortless. As the first full-suspension city e-bike, the A7 Pro goes a step further by ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough city terrain. Besides the ergonomic seat design, the air-adjustable seat post feature allows you to adjust the firmness of the saddle. Regardless of your preference, this allows you to personalize the degree of support and cushioning you want from your seat post, which can go a long way during long rides. There is also a flush LCD that not only provides you with real-time riding information like your battery level, distance travelled, and speed, among other vital data at a glance, it’s seamless integration into the handlebar reduces the chances of external interference. 

The convenience and practicality that come with our A7 Pro don’t end when riding. In cases where you want to run errands or transport something, the MIK rack makes it easier for you to attach accessories like bags or another container for easy transportation. Despite this long-range electric bike's 77lb weight, it has a load capacity of 300lb, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to loading.

Cost Effectiveness

When compared to other means of transportation, the Himiway A7 Pro is a smarter investment choice. Although the upfront fee might be higher than your typical traditional non-electric bike, it offers unparalleled convenience, ease, safety, and speed. Plus, you get to ditch the gas stops and costs. Charging the A7 Pro costs a fraction of what you'd pay to fill a gas tank, and a single charge gets you up to 50 miles to do whatever you want.

The electric bike’s cost savings go beyond this, though as it also requires minimal maintenance, which saves you lots of money over time. The A7 Pro is built to last and has durable components such as its aerospace-grade aluminium, hydraulic brakes, and long-lasting battery

Himiway A7 Pro

Switch Up Your Commute with the Himiway A7 Pro

Ditch the frequent frustration that comes with your daily commute with the Himiway A7 Pro. This e-bike is not just about getting you from one point to another; it does so in the most efficient, comfortable and enjoyable way possible. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, powerful performance and ergonomic design, you are not only bidding bye to traffic jams and parking nightmares but are also embracing freedom as you journey through any terrain. So why wait? Embrace freedom by upgrading your urban commuting with the Himiway A7 Pro today!