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How To Securely Lock Up Your Ebike

After spending about a thousand pounds on your ebike, it would be very heartbreaking to lose it to a thief who would resell it as quickly as they stole it.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through ebike security measures such as choosing a reliable bike lock, identifying safe places to lock your ebike and even the best locking techniques to prevent theft.

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Choosing a Reliable Bike Lock

The first step you can take is to invest in the best bike lock for ebikes. Fortunately, there are several options that you can choose from. Here are the three most common bike safe locks.

1. U-Locks/ D-Lock

Many ebike owners consider U-locks as one of the safest and most secure bike locks. They are made from hardened steel. This material makes it hard for potential thieves to cut through. As you shop for a U-lock, pick one with a compact design. This leaves little room between your bike and the lock, so thieves can’t try and use their tools to unlock it.

2. Chain Locks

Chain locks are also great ebike locks because they’re flexible enough for you to use to wrap your electric bike around fixed objects. If you live in a home with multiple ebikes, you can also use a strong chain lock to secure the bikes together. This will make it harder for thieves to carry any bike since they’ll have to escape with all of them. Lastly, look for a chain lock with thick links of hard steel since these will provide you with the best security and durability.

3. Folding Locks

If you ride your ebike for daily commuting, invest in a folding lock. They are made from hardened steel and are hard to cut through. Folding locks are also lighter than U-locks and chain locks. This means that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. 

Identifying Secure Locking Locations

Once you’ve settled on a reliable ebike lock, the next step you can take is learning how to identify safe locking locations for your 250W gear motor Himiway all terrain step thru electric bike.

Start by looking for high-traffic areas, even if it’s a bit further from your destination. It’s no secret that ebike thieves avoid high-traffic areas because they are more likely to be seen. So always lock your electric bike in a public place where many people pass by. A great example is near a busy coffee shop or a famous restaurant.

Alternatively, try as much as possible to keep your ebike indoors, such as in your room or in a garage with a secure lock. Remember to also lock your electric bike as well for extra protection in case someone breaks in when you’re not home.

Proper Locking Techniques

Now that you can identify the best places to lock your ebike, it’s time to learn the proper locking technique that will give potential thieves a headache as they try to steal your electric bike.

Here’s what you need to know:

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1. Lock Around Secure Structures: Look for a very sturdy object to lock your bike around. This can be a bike rack or a very strong pole. If you plan to leave your ebike overnight, don’t lock it around a signpost, as thieves with the right tools can cut or uproot the post and walk away with your electric bike.

2. Don’t Lock Your Wheels Only: Since your bike’s wheel is easy to remove, you’ll make the work easier for a potential thief if you only lock the wheels. And you can come back to find that they walked away with your bike minus the wheel, or they even carried the wheel as well. 

3. Secure Both Your Frame and the Wheels: As you lock your ebike, make sure you secure both the bike frame and the wheels. Thieves often target easily removable parts, so attaching your lock to the frame and looping it through the wheels will make it harder for them to steal your electric bike.

4. Don’t Leave Any Space Between the Lock and Your ebike: This will reduce the space available for thieves with high-end tools to work on and try and break the lock.

5. Use Multiple Locks: Invest in at least two different bike safe locks. For example, you can use a U-lock to secure your wheels and a folding lock to secure your bike’s frame. These multiple locks will definitely make it harder for thieves to steal your entire bike since it would take time for them to break both locks.

6. Double-check: Lastly, it’s better for you to be safe than sorry. So double-check that your ebike lock is secure, especially if you’re in a hurry since you might forget to lock it around the bike rack.

Theft Prevention Tips

After learning how to lock and secure your ebike properly, let’s move on to some theft prevention tips that you need to know.

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  • 1. Register Your Ebike

    Some manufacturers offer riders proof of ownership documents through an ebike registry. This includes clear pictures and your ebike’s serial number.  In case your electric bike gets stolen, you can submit these papers to the police so that they can help you try and identify and recover it. 

    • 2. Park Your Ebike in Well-Lit Areas

      Dark areas and paths can easily attract thieves who wouldn’t think twice about walking away with your ebike. So always park in well-lit areas. If the place has CCTV cameras, that’s even better. Thieves will be less likely to steal your electric bike if they know they could be caught on camera. And even if they manage to take your ebike, authorities can easily identify them.

      You can never have too many ebike security measures, especially when you treasure your Himiway long range fat tire electric bikes, which come with an impressive 7 Speed Gear Shift System. Here are two more tips to help you protect your electric bike.

      • 3. Install a GPS Tracker on Your Ebike

        If a thief steals your ebike, you can use your GPS Tracker to track its location and inform the police.

        • 4. Detach Valuable Parts Like Your Battery

          Your electric bike battery is one of the most expensive parts of your bike. And if a thief can’t steal your ebike, they can walk away with your battery. If you plan to leave your bike in a public place at night, remove its battery and go home with it.


          Remember to always lock your ebike even when you’re on a quick trip to a shop because it only takes minutes or even seconds for a skilled thief to get away with your bike.

          If you’re looking for the best bike lock for your ebike, Himiway has a great anti-theft foldable chain lock.  It’s 78 cm long and made from strong steel, making it hard for thieves to break. It also has a folded size of 7.5*6.6*5.5cm, making it flexible enough to wrap your ebike safely. Besides, it has a light weight of only 1.26 lbs, so you can carry it wherever you go, and it comes with a lock, a mount, keys and loop straps. Shop today and reduce the risk of losing your precious electric bike.